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In Love With Twiddling My Thumbs...

Category: Miscellaneous | Posted: Fri May 19, 2017 3:52 pm

So, I am in perpetual wait mode for the community garden plot. While I am sitting here, I figured I might as well get some crocheting and other things done in the meantime.

I planted the 'Lettuce Leaf' variety of Basil. That's just starting to come up. All the other plants, the Pineapples, Peppers, Tomatoes, etc are self-sustaining with very little input from me.

Months ago, I also started an Avocado pit. That's now growing beautifully in a pot, on my windowsill.

The Snake plant now rivals me in height. The Spider plant is growing out of the pot.

So, twiddling my thumbs about what to do, I decided to crochet something I haven't worked on since December 2016.

This is the In Love With Color Throw designed by Jessie Rayot.

In Love With Color Throw - May 2017 ( photo / image / picture from xantedeschia's Garden )

It took me ages to finish piecing this together and putting the border on. Now, everyone is laying claim to it/offering to buy it off of me.




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Gardening Central

Category: Hydroculture | Posted: Fri Mar 10, 2017 12:32 am

Currently, I have two babies growing in my Aerogarden of Serendipity.

One is a new pod of an old friend. The Mega Cherry Tomato, unfortunately, had to replace the third pod due to the failure of the seeds in the originally installed pod to germinate. I think they may just have been too old or not mature enough or something like that.

Mega Cherry Tomato Plant 8 March 2017 ( photo / image / picture from xantedeschia's Garden )

The other plant taking up space is a wild card. It is, even now, an unknown variable within the workings of the Aerogarden. The Sweet Pickle Organic Pepper plant has been growing the longest in the Aerogarden and is already at the point where it is blooming profusely.

Sweet Pickle Organic Pepper Flower 9 March 2017 ( photo / image / picture from xantedeschia's Garden )

Sweet Pickle Organic Pepper Plant 8 March 2017 ( photo / image / picture from xantedeschia's Garden )

Aerogarden of Serendipity 8 March 2017 ( photo / image / picture from xantedeschia's Garden )

For my part, I haven't been up to much stuff that's plant related. Just re-potting the pineapples and starting some Avocados.

Still waiting on the Not So Secret Garden plot to become available. Hopefully, something will come through soon. As much as my Asthma and Allergies are averse to being around such places, I could do with the extra growing space for food. Especially now.

Thank you for reading. Take care and be well.

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Sweet Pickle Organic Peppers RISING!!!

Category: Hydroculture | Posted: Fri Jan 20, 2017 4:08 pm

I have "planted" a new garden in the Aerogarden of Serendipity and, on today of all days, I received proof of life from one of the grow pods. I must say, it cheered me up considerably.

The seeds I planted were Sweet Pickle Organic Pepper from Park Seed and, so far, they appear to be growing very well in the Aerogarden. I started a Grow Your Own seedpod kit on 9 January 2017 and when I peeked in this morning, I saw the telltale sign of one of the seedlings sprouting upwards from the peat pod.

Needless to say, I'm incredibly happy right now.

My plans for these peppers, depending on their flavor, are to use them in soups, salads, sandwiches, and kimchi as well as eating them as a snack.

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Pretty Cool Stuff

Category: Miscellaneous | Posted: Mon Dec 12, 2016 1:01 am

A random person commented on my one of my Aerogarden videos today.

Given that he's (?) Garden minded, I naturally recommended Garden Stew to him. Seems like a nice person.

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Snow Falls Silently On Tomatoes...

Category: Hydroculture | Posted: Sun Dec 11, 2016 3:15 am

...Sort of. I have more than fifty Mega Cherry Tomatoes coming in and I'm eagerly anticipating eating them on the Winter Solstice or thereabouts.

Aerogarden Mega Cherry 9 December 2016 ( photo / image / picture from xantedeschia's Garden )

To allow for air circulation, I pruned the plants back somewhat brutally the other day. The leaves were really thick in some places, to the point of collecting moisture and causing some of the tomatoes to split open. I got to them before any real damage was done.

Now, all I can do is wait. They're all green for the moment. They're the right color for cup ripening but I think I will wait for them to ripen on the vine this time around.

Other than this, nothing much is happening. All the other plants are doing well. I am doing well. I am currently knitting and crocheting things and keeping busy while I wait, rather impatiently, for the Not So Secret Garden to become available.

About the only change that has occurred is that my friend, who was going to give me rides to and from the garden site in exchange for some of the produce, has moved out of state.

So, I'm now scrambling to figure out how I'm going to lug my potential bountiful harvest home or my tools there. I've been looking on Amazon for utility wagons and found a few that might be suitable. It's just a question of:

1. Finances

2. Distance

Money was tight enough before but dropping over $100 USD on a wagon, while it might be a sound investment, is financially painful.

I've also got to walk the distance from home to the garden site and back again with a wagon, laden down with several pounds worth of produce, as well as my tools, in all weather and all traffic conditions.

I've got to figure out a way around this.

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And So It Begins...

Category: Hydroculture | Posted: Thu Sep 15, 2016 5:45 pm

I think, that is, it is quite possible, that I am beginning to see the first rosy blush of rouge upon my babies.

Well, one of them, at any rate. You tell me. Mind you, it was dark in my room when I took this picture.

Aerogarden Mega Cherry Tomato Closeup 15 September 2016 ( photo / image / picture from xantedeschia's Garden )

It could be just wishful thinking/hoping/pleading with the multiverse.

You see, the plant is overburdened with fruit and I am too attached to remove some for the benefit of the majority.

Aerogarden Mega Cherry Tomato All One Side 15 September 2016 ( photo / image / picture from xantedeschia's Garden )

The other part of it is, I've never seen Cherry tomatoes quite this large before. They're as big, if not bigger than a walnut. I wish I had a walnut for comparison to show people.

With the temperatures in my room being what they are (80F+), I don't see these ripening quickly without drastic action. To that end, I'm going to risk the high electricity bill and run my Air Conditioning for a few hours per day to see if it makes a difference in the process.

That's about it for now. Thanks for reading. Have a fantastic day. :)

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What A Difference A Day Makes...

Category: Hydroculture | Posted: Tue Sep 06, 2016 4:39 am

...More appropriately a few weeks.

The tomatoes have grown. Wow, have they ever grown!

Aerogarden Mega Cherry Tomatoes 5 September 2016 ( photo / image / picture from xantedeschia's Garden )

There is one big tomato growing on the side and I don't know how big it will get. It is showing no signs of slowing down in its growth. Within reason, I mean this is a cherry tomato plant. Of that, I can be sure. However, the size of the cherry tomatoes has yet to be determined. They're far larger than the last cherry tomatoes I grew, that's for sure.

The Lesser Cherry Tomato plant is coming into its own finally. It is now growing flowers all over and will soon join its sibling in producing fruit for a hungry household. I can't wait until they're even with each other and I can finally back off of pruning the Elder Tomato for Height so much.

In other news, the weather has finally cooled off somewhat. Today was a sultry 85 as opposed to the mid to high nineties we'd been having a few weeks prior. It is a relief to be in such comparatively cooler weather. Yay for the coming of Autumn!

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The Omnipresent Torrid Nature of Summer

Category: Miscellaneous | Posted: Wed Aug 17, 2016 9:15 pm

Pineapples are surprisingly resilient. Through migrations of insects escaping the oppressive heat outside my window, the inescapable domination of our Dear Star, and despite my feeble attempts at salvaging their fragile lives with the air conditioner and extra water, the Pineapples are seemingly fine while most of the rest of my plants have gone by the wayside.

A list of the destruction:

The Sweet Pickle Organic Peppers are gone.

Lemongrass is dead.

Both of the potted basils (Lettuce leaf and Mrs. Burns Lemon) are dead.

The Pelargonium looks to be following suit soon.

The Navel orange tree. Dead.

At this point, all I have left are the Snake Plant, the Pineapples, the Aloe Vera, and the Spider plant in the windows. I also have the Mega Cherry Tomato plants in the Aerogarden.

So, planning this out for the future, I'm going to utilize the Aerogarden much more for my fruit production. Once I've tired of growing Mega Cherry Tomatoes, I'm going to use the Grow Anything Kit I've bought from Aerogarden to grow more Sweet Pickle Organic Peppers in the Aerogarden itself rather than in soil and near it.

As to the tomatoes, they're growing flowers already. It's only been thirty-nine days. They started showing flowers at twenty-eight days but I cut them off along with the main stem, as the other seed pod hadn't grown and I needed to keep the larger plant short in order to keep from raising the light hood.

Aug 13 2016 Mega Cherry Tomato Plant One ( photo / image / picture from xantedeschia's Garden )

I'll just be glad when this Summer heat gives way to the cooler blissful temperatures of Autumn and Winter. That's my favorite time of the year.

Thank you for reading. Have a fantastic day.

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Would Love To See This Up Close

Category: Outdoor Gardening | Posted: Mon Jul 04, 2016 4:36 pm

While reading the News, I came across this great article on therapeutic gardening on the BBC.

It makes me long to have an outdoor garden of my own.

Speaking of. There's been no news on My Not So Secret Garden. In a way, that's good news because that means that the current holders of the plots are alive, well and functioning. I'd rather have them relinquish control of their plot(s?) of their own free will than be forced to due to death, injury or incapacity.

It's also good because I've only gotten the seeds thus far. I still have the other supplies and gear to get before I even think of gardening.

Even with all of this and the lateness of the season, I'm anxious to get started gardening outdoors.

On the Indoor front. I am getting a new Seed pod kit for the Aerogarden of Serendipity. This time, at the request of the Maternal Parental and on the occasion of her birthday, I'm growing Mega Cherry Tomatoes. They look pretty good in the pictures. Let's see how they turn out in the growing.

The Sweet Pickle Organic Peppers are growing very well under the artificial lighting. I saw flower buds prior to my docking the plants. I docked each pepper plant a few days ago in order to get them to branch out more. As of today, they're filling in quite nicely.

All the other plants are doing well too.

The Pelargonium is getting more and more leaves day by day. I expect it to flower within a few more weeks.

The Pineapples grown from seed are both doing very well. The Greater pineapple is big enough for a six inch pot while the Lesser pineapple is trying to play catch up via its growth habits. It's hard to believe that they were planted the same time.

The 'seedless' Navel orange tree has six true leaves on it.

The Aloe Vera has me worried it's going to come to life and start demanding a feeding.

The Lemongrass, despite being trimmed into obscurity, is rising once again to its former height of almost as tall as I am.

The Spider plant, newly placed in a larger pot a few weeks ago, is already starting to outgrow it.

The Snake plant is nearly my height and almost impossible to lift at this point. I have it on a rolling stand to move it around.

The Two Basils are doing alright. I think I need to get more water in both pots somehow, without spilling it all over my carpet.

That's about it for this update. Thank you for reading. Please, enjoy your day. :)

Last edited: Mon Jul 04, 2016 4:39 pm

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Sweet Pickle Organic Peppers Update

Category: Container Gardening | Posted: Mon Jun 13, 2016 8:38 am

My thoughts go out to the victims, their families, Orlando and the LGBTQIA community.

I finally followed through on my promise to put this set of plants under the Aerogarden's light hood. It really has grown over the span of a few days too.

Sweet Pickle Organic Peppers Taken 11 June 2016 ( photo / image / picture from xantedeschia's Garden )

I first put them under the light hood on the eighth of June. Three days later, they were all growing tall and dark green. Their rate of growth also increased significantly.

This is what they're going to look like once they're fully grown.

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