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Posted: 13 Jun 2014
Another plant bit the dust grrr.
Posted: 24 Apr 2008
Slowly growing but its progress (;
Posted: 16 Apr 2008
My Lilac seed has sprouted!
Posted: 04 Apr 2008
Gardening once again (: w/Pix
Posted: 19 Mar 2008

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Another plant bit the dust grrr.

Category: My garden | Posted: Thu Apr 24, 2008 3:51 am

Well, while having the window open slightly, the wind picked up and knocked several of my cups over and broke a tomatillo and 2 cucumber plants... seems to have bent a squash plant and broke it but not completely.. wonderin if there is still hope for it. Lets see.. I also have a couple of new seeds that have green poppin thru.. I did the 'baggie method ' that petunia told us about. I did have the 'mold' problem though and still some of the seeds havent sprouted but a few have. Those marigolds sure do not like me (; The trees im trying again are "royal pioncia" (im not sure how its spelled.. I tried that one last year but daughter helped take care of it and kept giving it a new home thru out the back yard while i wasnt looking (; We'll see this year how it goes lol.

I got tired of waiting for hubby to rototill so i just went and pulled a few weeds and planted 3 of my cucumber plants that are still surviving on the chicken wire that i wrapped around my broken windmill in the garden. I hope i hardened em good enough. I just couldnt wait. It stormed nicely right after i planted them so hope they will do good. If not, all i can say is I tried. (:

The weeds sure love my garden, i sure hope the real plants think the same way! LOL

Thanks for reading. Ill keep ya posted and put pics when needed. (:

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Slowly growing but its progress (;

Category: My garden | Posted: Wed Apr 16, 2008 2:25 am

Well here are a couple of pics of my plants. They are slowly growing but at least most the plants are alive! yay Lol.

The cucumbers edges are starting to turn brown slightly though and almost curlling under? Not sure why. I retransplanted my tomatos to try what sjorde (sp?)did.. sorry i know i got that name wrong lol.

anyways, i think our last freeze happened 2 nights ago and im still waiting on the rototiller from dad. Maybe this weekend. I need help shoveling the manure from the cows since Im not allowed to get in there with them.. if not, ill have to scoot the stuff to the side and shovel it myself. Shhh LOL. (im careful no worries).

Thanks for reading. I know its not that interesting yet.

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My Lilac seed has sprouted!

Category: My garden | Posted: Fri Apr 04, 2008 12:01 am

Well, after thinking it wasnt going to work this year, i decided to glasn in on my lilac green house and sure enough there is one single sprout. I planted 6 seeds just to see if it would happen and yep! there it is! (Pics soon to come). So, i supose now ill just have to reseed the marigolds as I only have 1 single sprout that grew. I am excited to see my squash plants growing so vigorously. Except I will be disappointed if it turns out to be Zuccini instead of yellow crooked neck squash. Only hubby is a fan of zuccini and we really dont eat much of it. Its already got buds growing on it (i thought that wasnt supose to happen til it was out side! lol. oops! now, only if the ground would dry up just enough so we can till the soil so i can plant these fellas! (:

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