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Posted: 13 Jun 2014
Another plant bit the dust grrr.
Posted: 24 Apr 2008
Slowly growing but its progress (;
Posted: 16 Apr 2008
My Lilac seed has sprouted!
Posted: 04 Apr 2008
Gardening once again (: w/Pix
Posted: 19 Mar 2008

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Been a while!!

Category: My garden | Posted: Fri Jun 13, 2014 1:41 pm

Hi! I have not been here in a long time! Not having veggie garden luck, but my roses are doing pretty well!!

A few of my roses this year ( photo / image / picture from StarLiteFarms's Garden )

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Another plant bit the dust grrr.

Category: My garden | Posted: Thu Apr 24, 2008 3:51 am

Well, while having the window open slightly, the wind picked up and knocked several of my cups over and broke a tomatillo and 2 cucumber plants... seems to have bent a squash plant and broke it but not completely.. wonderin if there is still hope for it. Lets see.. I also have a couple of new seeds that have green poppin thru.. I did the 'baggie method ' that petunia told us about. I did have the 'mold' problem though and still some of the seeds havent sprouted but a few have. Those marigolds sure do not like me (; The trees im trying again are "royal pioncia" (im not sure how its spelled.. I tried that one last year but daughter helped take care of it and kept giving it a new home thru out the back yard while i wasnt looking (; We'll see this year how it goes lol.

I got tired of waiting for hubby to rototill so i just went and pulled a few weeds and planted 3 of my cucumber plants that are still surviving on the chicken wire that i wrapped around my broken windmill in the garden. I hope i hardened em good enough. I just couldnt wait. It stormed nicely right after i planted them so hope they will do good. If not, all i can say is I tried. (:

The weeds sure love my garden, i sure hope the real plants think the same way! LOL

Thanks for reading. Ill keep ya posted and put pics when needed. (:

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Slowly growing but its progress (;

Category: My garden | Posted: Wed Apr 16, 2008 2:25 am

Well here are a couple of pics of my plants. They are slowly growing but at least most the plants are alive! yay Lol.

The cucumbers edges are starting to turn brown slightly though and almost curlling under? Not sure why. I retransplanted my tomatos to try what sjorde (sp?)did.. sorry i know i got that name wrong lol.

anyways, i think our last freeze happened 2 nights ago and im still waiting on the rototiller from dad. Maybe this weekend. I need help shoveling the manure from the cows since Im not allowed to get in there with them.. if not, ill have to scoot the stuff to the side and shovel it myself. Shhh LOL. (im careful no worries).

Thanks for reading. I know its not that interesting yet.

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My Lilac seed has sprouted!

Category: My garden | Posted: Fri Apr 04, 2008 12:01 am

Well, after thinking it wasnt going to work this year, i decided to glasn in on my lilac green house and sure enough there is one single sprout. I planted 6 seeds just to see if it would happen and yep! there it is! (Pics soon to come). So, i supose now ill just have to reseed the marigolds as I only have 1 single sprout that grew. I am excited to see my squash plants growing so vigorously. Except I will be disappointed if it turns out to be Zuccini instead of yellow crooked neck squash. Only hubby is a fan of zuccini and we really dont eat much of it. Its already got buds growing on it (i thought that wasnt supose to happen til it was out side! lol. oops! now, only if the ground would dry up just enough so we can till the soil so i can plant these fellas! (:

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Gardening once again (: w/Pix

Category: My garden | Posted: Wed Mar 19, 2008 3:28 am

Well Howdy from Central Oklahoma once again!

Ive been semi busy.. besides remodeling parts of my house, I wanted the task of attempting to grow a garden once again. last years veggie garden was a total disaster so of course its time to try try again! (:

I decided to make use of all that clear plastic that covered the laminate flooring boxes and tape several pieces together to get enough to cover my lil lamp. It seems that I have accomplished something!
I of course with the help of my (soon to be 3 year old!) daughter putting dirt in the little plastic containers and of course all over the kitchen floor (is there any other way?) I got to put seeds in as well.
Heres the list so far: Started 3-10-08 (and a day or 2 later)

**Cherry tomatos straight from the tomato that i didnt eat. 6 sprouts out of 10 growing.

**Cucumber -still waiting to sprout since I had to redo it yesterday.

**Tomatillos: all 9 are growing but one or 2 didnt grow the first set of leaves for some reason.

**Globe anthums (Pink)successfully growing 11 plants.

**Marigolds- they were orange last year.. but i think they will be yellow now? Only one single sprout popping up still ):

**Danish Cross- ive over seeded accidentally but they are sprouting so fast (Thanks Bsewnsew) ?? I am sorry Im pretty sure it was bsewnsew ... bethie sent me seeds too. (please forgive the memory problem).

**Lilac seeds (No sprouts ?? Might be doing something wrong?)

**Squash> although Im not sure if it is yellow crooked neck squash or zuccini. The store seemed to mix up all the zuccini and yellow squash seeds and mark them wrong on the packages and I dont remember if i put them in their proper packages last year. We shall see this summer! lol

**Oh and last but not least.. I planted today 3 dianthis seeds. How ever you spell it lol.

I ran out of containers until my daughter east more fruit cups lol. And my green house is very tiny as you will see in the pic. I used an old window to set up on. I'll ask my questions on the message boards next. Ok, heres the lil pics i took. Thanks for reading ! Sorry its been forever. Im soooo glad to be back!! I may have a mint green thumb after all!

Oh and I got to prune my roses too ! (: ouch! lol


DanishCross up front / globe anthums back

Squash (biggest plants).. Tomotillos>left side and the cherry toms in back.

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Lots of pics.Its been a while!! Hello!

Category: My garden | Posted: Wed Jul 18, 2007 5:42 pm

Wow, I sure missed this place! ive been busy! So busy, but not as much rewards for all my hard work as i wanted! Well, for starters, in Oklahoma its rained so much that my garden has hardly grown. The tomatos are still puney and only 2 have grown so far and now that the sun has come out and summer heat has started up i think things will be a bit better. I have tiny squash plants which had big flowers on it until the bunnies ate most of them. Now that ive got all the fence up i think there is hope yet again. Cuc's have only grown to a mear 2-3 inches tall and all veggie plants are still yellow. Green beans?? well, maybe 2 inch tall and blend ever so good into all the billions of weeds. I tell you I dont know why i made such an effort!!
The rain has done great for my flowers though! thats about the only good news.. well, and that the front flower bed (turned veggie bed) has grown great! I have a few tomato plants and jalepeno plants that are growing decent. the Zinias there are making for an interesting contrast! lol

My back flowerbeds are growing great! IM so proud!
Ive included several pics and would like to know if anyone can help identify some of these plants.
Thank you for the seeds i was sent! I did grow them! yay!! Now to figure how which plant is which! lol

Having lost all but 4 chickens to some coyotes (we think) and a emaciated stray dog.. things are going okay. Horses are doing okay and cows are growing good. Our doggies no longer dig cause the hot wire is working great. Except, my zinnias and cosmos keep getting zapped and i have to keep trimming them back Lol. Better to trim them, than to have to trash them though!
Hope all is wel for everyone else though!
Thanks for reading, enjoy some pics!

purslane? Thats what the insert says, but its got a fluffy ball type center unlike regular purslane. Any ideas what it is?

maybe globe anthumr;';??

This zinnia grew a xtra zinnia on top of itself.
danish cross??

trumpet vine??

unknown plant? help please? it came with Jasmine plant which is behind it.

sorry this is a small pic. but its the 'after' pic of my bed! (:

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They have sprouted!! Pix Too!

Category: My garden | Posted: Wed Jun 06, 2007 2:25 am

Well, Ive patiently waited for my garden to start growing! Having seemed to of lost a pepper plant to a seamingly cute bunny rabbit i assume, I have gained many green bean sprouts!! I now have Raddishs and I think i do see a couple of brocolli sprouts but I dont know for sure and I dont really know how to grow those.. I replanted my Zuccinni and yellow squash since I didnt like how my garden was (huge foot prints) cause it was to wet.
I will go as far as to say i am sure I see a corn sprout! LOL 1 out of 10 seeds i planted! How odd that will look later? Hey, who knows, with all the ethonal making, I might be able to use my one single stalk and buy myself a new car with the corn off of it!? LOL (wishful thinking). Never know right?

The garden in my front flower bed is growing really nicely so far. I have a couple of Jalapenos on a plant or 2 and I had a tomato on one of them but it fell off. There is one tomato on one of the plants in the back though. (: I dont think my carrot seeds were any good. I cant seem to grow carrots for some reason. I decided I wont grow potatos since i cant afford any more soil. My little helper was of course getting in all kinds of trouble while I was trying to water and plant more seeds. I think shes thinking her name is "No! get off the plants!" Lol. She did secretly plant some extra beans i found out today. They started showing up when i was watering. LOL. She did a wonderful job helping water my flowerbed. (: Here are some pics (:

Kayliana watering 4 me (:

she found a fuzzy worm lol and squeels if it tickles her too much!

Codi has a new friend taking a ride on his back. Look closely near his tail. Kayliana was trying to chase them both.

Just a pic of a butterfly

This butterfly was trying to find some nector on a the pink flowers on the statue Lol.

Just a pic of my clematis that is VERY slow at growing.

Last edited: Wed Jun 06, 2007 2:26 am

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Will it ever get done?!

Category: My garden | Posted: Thu May 31, 2007 2:09 am

Today we were going to go get some plants but after hubby got home from school last night and we left to do our final paper delivery route (TG we are done with that)! , We went out to put the babies car seat in and hubby said OH NO! I forgot to roll up the window last night! Of course, I wasnt mad. Just kinda bummed. Who knew of all nights the weather men would actually mean that 50% chance of rain meant UPPER 50% lol. We were woke up this morning by strong 70 MPH winds and heavy rain! Needless to day, the car insides were soaked and sopping! The radio was trying to turn ON while the car was OFF! The seat belt sign wouldnt go off even though we both had them on! Geesh!

Anyways, we didnt get to go get the plants. So, i rearranged how i wanted my garden planted and skipped a few sections and just planted a few seeds. Im running way out of time! I dont think I can wait much longer on things! I was going to plant the green beans but was having trouble just walking around! Mud alllll over!

I was glad I at least got some of the other tomato plants and Jalapeno plants that were left over from the ole dying ones were still okay and planted them. I planted Tomatillo and Sqaush and zuccinni seeds tonight. I guess I'll go to plant the beans tomorrow. LOL my garden will be so zig zagged when its all started growing!! I had it all mapped out! Now its going to be a crazy un even setting!

Thanks for reading! (:

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Whew what a lot of work!

Category: My garden | Posted: Sun May 27, 2007 5:07 pm

Howdy !

Today is rainy right now, so i finally get a small break from all that shoveling dirt!! 12 cubic yards of it! I think we are half way done moving it from the front of the yard to the back! Thank goodness for pickup trucks!
unfortunately, we didnt have anything to cover up the dirt overnight so i know its going to be heavier today! Any volunteers?! LOL

Well, I have 3 new things growing!! FINALLY the danish cross is growing!! Teeeeny tiny babies have decided to show themselves as of 2 days ago! They are so cute! The other things that decided to grow are a tomato and 2 Jalapenos! Mmmmm Sure glad I planted them in the flowerbed! We bought our garden seeds yesterday too (along with 30 fryer chickens that we will resell in the next week or so!)
We are waiting to find Habanero pepper plants. Oh my! I almost forgot to ask about bell peppers too!
We will be having yellow squash, tomatos, zuccinni, Cucumbers, green beans, cherry tomatos, tomatillos, bell and Habanero peppers. Jalapenos.. and I think thats it! Next year we will add onions. We didnt have good luck with them while they were in the hard clay.

My flowers are doing pretty good. The cosmos are growing nicely and I cant remember the other ones i planted, but they are growing good too! My roses bloomed again so now i have 2 yellow rose bushes and the orange one blooming together. I finally got to see my lonely rose bush bloom. I think its a fragrant cloud. My Tiffany rose bush bloomed and it smelled absolutely wonderful!! I think its my most fragrant one! I am considering putting a new rose bush in the flowerbed where one of my trees is. Its dying and its lopsided because I had to cut alot off. Its ugly and theres no hope of 'unlopsiding it' Lol.
I will post some pics soon. Ohhhh and im excited because i have a couple of maple trees growing from seed! Im going to try to grow a couple of willow trees from seed as well!! Hope that works for me! Anyways, tonight ill try to get some pics.
I hope everyone has a nice holiday! Be safe and careful! Thanks for reading!! I know im forgetting to tell you all something, but thats what happens when ya have a short memory LOL.

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Holy cow and Crazy horses (;

Category: My garden | Posted: Wed May 23, 2007 5:45 am

Lol hows that for an attention getter of a title! LOL

Well, i have a pic to show yall. Its a few days old.. its of the cosmos!! Here..

There they are.. my babies that i grew! And they are STILL alive!!!

I also got to mow mow mow. Yuck lol. I usually enjoy mowing but with this wind, it was totally rediculous. I had to mow the pasture next door. I think it was only 3/4 of an acre but on a small riding lawn mower and the brush was at least 3 foot high .. it was tough. Especially not knowing what you are going to run over!!! And talk about to much stinking cactus!!! And no clue how to get rid of it!

Let see... if i had hot wire, Id just send the 3 cows up front and let them have a hay day.. or in that case.. weeds, cactus and grass day.. That sure would help me out. Some day we will own a tractor! but for now, our trusty ole murray lawn mower will just have to do. Although i do think those 'Quarter Horse " mowers are a tad bit more expensive to run than ole murray, Im gonna hate to sell those 2 boys!

anyways, other than a few cactus needles in my ankle, finding a nice sized snake skin... running over a few rocks and finding out I have a Sand plum tree .. my day was LONG and tiresome yet accomplished and ummm relaxed? (:

OOh and i got some weeping willow seeds!!! now, only if i can grow em! (:

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