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Posted: 20 Oct 2007
planting strategy
Posted: 19 Oct 2007
sunday drives
Posted: 14 Oct 2007
bright and chirpy
Posted: 10 Oct 2007
moving and planting
Posted: 08 Oct 2007

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chopping and changing

Category: gardening and the art of life | Posted: Sat Oct 20, 2007 8:10 pm

I continued cleaning up for winter in the garden today. After much deliberation, I cut a eucalyptus tree down to about 18 inches from the ground. It was being overshadowed in every way by the eucalyptus beside it which is bigger, stronger and breathtakingly beautiful.
It is very hard I find to cut a plant or a tree, even when its for the best. I feel like I am playing God and may make a bad decision at the expense of a living plant.
Eucalyptus trees are amazing and among their talents is their ability to grow back from the roots. Hopefully this one will do that, and I will prune it to a low bush like shape so that it will contrast to the one beside it and have its own beauty.

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planting strategy

Category: gardening and the art of life | Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2007 9:57 pm

I planted my two bargain fruit trees the other day. My daughter suggested planting them beside her trampoline so she and her friends could grab our fruit-of-the-future off as they jumped.
made sense to me.
My front perennial bed is overgrown and much and all as I hate to pull flowers, it needs a spring-clean make-over.
Anyone any suggestions ?

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sunday drives

Category: gardening and the art of life | Posted: Sun Oct 14, 2007 8:54 pm

I went to see a possible new house today. I also bought two fruit trees to put in the garden of the house ( they were on sale, I couldnt resist !)in which I now live. I thought more about the whole house-moving garden conundrum... its just not black and white. Sometimes we have to relocate, but making my environment more beautiful and my piece of the earth better is just the way I live.

I just can't stop working in the garden because I think I may need to move house.

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bright and chirpy

Category: gardening and the art of life | Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2007 7:51 pm

Gardening weather is great here, unfortunately I don't have the energy to keep up with it. Its frustrating isn't it, at this time of the year, especially when I have to go to work, there is not much day left for all the jobs I would like to do outside.
My son however is lined up to do a few tasks tomorrow. He is going to help digging the sea grass out front. I could call it a 'sea of grass' actually, it is spreading rampantly out there. Might be handy if I happened to live on the beach front and was trying to save the sand dunes from the ocean, but seen as I dont its just an invasive meadow out there. its kinda hard to dig up plants, but sometimes you just gotta. I read recently that a weed is a plant in the wrong place. !!
happy weeding !!!!

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moving and planting

Category: gardening and the art of life | Posted: Mon Oct 08, 2007 8:15 pm

In my lifetime I have moved house and moved house and I never miss the houses so much as the gardens.
I remember the first garden I had, my aunt gave me plants for it and I could still name the plants that were in it- sedum, glory in the snow, come home one day and a digger had made it disappear. I had another garden in a house I rented and saw another digger in that when I came home for lunch one day. I decided to give up until I owned houses. !!

Now I think about gardens I loved and left- did the new owners mind my plants - did the korean lilac come along good- did they appreciate the smelling violets that bloomed all over the front lawns in the spring. I once transplanted (illegally I am sure) several perennials at night time into my new house before the property exchanges were completed !
Now, I am again watching trees grow, and wondering will I see them mature, will my children or maybe strangers. I have a very special tree, a Davidia Involuntra in the front that does not bloom for seventeen years. It is about seven years old and I sometimes wonder if I will see it bloom, or where I will be when it does.
Other days I just think I will get a digger and dig it up and bring it with me. Enough already with leaving plants behind.

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Category: gardening and the art of life | Posted: Sun Oct 07, 2007 8:22 am

'Bamboozled' in ireland (I have been told)is a term used to describe when you think you agree to buy a house for a certain price and a week later the builder calls you and tells you that it costs more now. I spent alot of my grown up life in NY so it astonishes me that this is actually legal.

I think that term must originate from the word 'bamboo' because you buy bamboos and plant them and think 'theres a nice plant' and a few years later theres a jungle where the plant used to be. I hate to go back to the rain here, but once the soil drains good, the bamboos thrive in it here. I declare- if bamboos had faces they would be laughing their heads off in their adopted home of my garden.

As a result, my pseudosasa japonica is trying to eat its way across the driveway. I thought about donning combats, buying a 4x4, getting a few pandas and declaring the area a protected zone, but my son mentioned he has a few days off next week so I think I will opt for getting him to dig trenches to hem them in a bit instead.
the pandas would have been nice, swinging around the front of the house tho'.

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the white rabbit

Category: gardening and the art of life | Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2007 7:24 pm

I felt like the white rabbit in Alice and Wonderland today, it was a lovely day, great for gardening- but i had no time. I spent most of the day taxi-ing my two teenage kids here, there and everywhere! I did get a minute to think in the garden and I thought of two things-
1. The two dogs have taken to doing their business outside my patio doors, why I don't know. We live in the country and they have plenty of space. However, it occured to me that I could move their invisible fence and just keep them out of that area, at least to retrain them.
2. the other thing i thought was regarding the same area- it is a lovely space. It is outside the back of the house, the planting has made it quite private and it gets sun and is sheltered. the problem is that in Ireland it just rains so much. The weather is not cold most of the time, just rainy. So I was thinking that if I had away to construct a roof, perhaps of transparent perspex over a nice wood frame, the area would be much more usuable.
And while i drive ny children about, I have plenty of time to think on how these things might be done.......

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garden for all occasions

Category: gardening and the art of life | Posted: Fri Oct 05, 2007 3:49 pm

There is a gardening job that suits every mood. Weeding for when I want to be perfect, pruning for when I feel the sculptor in me needs exposure. Last Sunday we (the irish) suffered a sad defeat in the world rugby at the hands of a better team- Argentina. My frustrations led me to gear up my reciprocating electric saw during half time. I cut down a surprising amount of weed trees which were after staking a place in the garden, and choking the light from other shrubs and trees that I actually paid for! I had hacked them all and was back on the couch to witness our final score, removing us from the championship......

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welcome to my blog indeed !!

Category: gardening and the art of life | Posted: Thu Oct 04, 2007 10:18 pm

Well, I think instead of explaining every darn thing, I am just going to start in the middle. Today I took the plants out of the boot of the car. It was an indian summer day- one of those days in Autumn thats nicer and warmer than most of the summer in Ireland. The plants should not have been in the boot of the car since yesterday of course- but I am a single parent and I dont always get everything I plan done when I want to do it, but eventually, (and this is the miracle) most of it does get done.
I was thinking about my ex boyfriend when I was planting. During the short time we dated, he was trying to redo his garden and had dropped hints about me helping him. He must have been so anxious to dump me that he forgot that he needed my expertise in the garden. And naturally, the hints he dropped afterward about my helping didn't get him anywhere.
But here's what I was thinking- his garden was very plain, and controlled and he kept saying that he wanted it to look like mine (the opposite- a bit uncontrolled where every plant expresses its personality quite freely). And I was thinking that gardens are like people, I think this guy found it hard to think about a slightly uncontrolled, spontaneous person like me in his life, just like he was not able to give his garden what he wanted himself, but yet he found it hard to let someone else help him with that either.
And thats what I thought today.

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