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Recent Entries to this Blog Happy fourth of July
Posted: 04 Jul 2008
Rainy Saturday.
Posted: 21 Jun 2008
Thursday, at least its not monday
Posted: 19 Jun 2008
Another day in paradise.
Posted: 18 Jun 2008
Waking up is hard to do.
Posted: 17 Jun 2008

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Happy fourth of July

Category: Pete 28s blog | Posted: Fri Jul 04, 2008 3:41 pm

First off happy 4th of July! I have decided to begin posting on my blog again but have decided to change the content of my messages.

Unfortunately my wife is not feeling all that well today and wont be accompanying me to the picninc today. Shes got a sore throat and stuffy nose. Luckily no one else has got it yet.

I picked a bunch of greenbeans yesterday and a few short carrots, they did not grow well this year for some reason. I had to put some more soil around my corn stalks as I dont think I planted them deep enough at the initial planting. My watermelons are growing slowly but surely. I lost a bunch of cucumber plants over the past few days. I am not sure what killed them. One day they were green and beautiful then the next they just simply had all brown leaves and yellow cucumbers. Boohoo!!! Well I think I will clear out the rows where the carrots and cucumbers were and begin to plant something else in their places. Any ideas on what I should plant?

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Rainy Saturday.

Category: Pete 28s blog | Posted: Sat Jun 21, 2008 6:46 pm

Well its been an interesting day to say the least. I have been working at a friends house to make some cash so that is a good thing it will help pay some bills.

I probably should have been more clear before when I said I sell insurance. It is 100% commission and I have only been doing it for three weeks and still made no money due to the lack of people being able to afford life insurance.

This is my last blog entry. So thanks to those who have helped me out with questions I hope life treats you well.

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Thursday, at least its not monday

Category: Pete 28s blog | Posted: Thu Jun 19, 2008 2:53 pm

Well as the days of the week go on so do the trials and tribulations. Last night my tv got cut off and I received no less than 6 phone calls about past due bills. Oh happy day. Why have I not given up hope yet? Then I thought about it there are many people worse off than me so who am I to complain? Who am I to sit on a computer and rant and rave about how horrible my life is I guess it does no good anyways.

I guess today I will be cleaning the house as I have nothing else to do. I have no tv no money and not a lot of food left so I guess I should find something to keep my mind off of things.

My situation has to change quickly as I dont know what to do anymore. People say keep your chin up and things will change. I hope that is the case as I am beyond depressed.

See you all tomorrow.

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Another day in paradise.

Category: Pete 28s blog | Posted: Wed Jun 18, 2008 3:21 pm

Well I helped a friend out last night doing some carpentry work at his home which made me feel quite good and we got a lot accomplished. I got a good nights sleep and feel hopeful about what today has in store for me. I have already received a couple of collections calls but I am used to them by now and there is nothing I can do as I have no money. I have been filling out job applications all morning in hopes that my luck will change soon. I have the daunting task of sitting down and going through all of my bills this morning to see what is the most important and needs to be payed first with what little money I have coming to me on Thursday. I am not sure why bad things happen to good people. I am a hard working honest person that loves everyone and would do anything for anyone. I feel that I am being punished for something that I did but I don't know what it could possibly be. I have never been one that needs material things, just the necessities to survive. Maybe take the wife and kids to eat once in a while or go to a movie. One thing that I have to honestly say kind of disappoints me is there are two people I know that have spent a combines 15 years in prison that both have decent paying jobs. One makes 13 bucks an hour and the other I believe is 10 and they both get 50 hours a week. Now let me say that these are two very good friends of mine and that I am extremely happy for them that they could find work after being incarcerated. But one part of me is jealous. IS that wrong? I have always followed the law and lived a healthy honest lifestyle.

I am trying to motivate myself to do some stuff around the house today to keep my mind off of things but it is difficult because I know that it will not make me any money to clean the bathroom or vacuum the rugs.

I think the main issue I am having is that I just don't understand why? I have looked everywhere I can possibly think of and still nothing.

I know some reading this may think I should suck it up and stop complaining and you know what your probably right, but that is fairly easy to do if you are not in the same shoes.

I started talking to god again last night for the first time in a while. I had given up for a bit because I dididn'think he was listening but I need to have belief in something. The only thing I have not done is put all my faith in god knowing that he will do the right thing. IT is hard for me to trust in ananythingow after being screwed so many times. But I know and trust that god would never do that to anyone.

It may seem like he is not listening or does not care but I know firmly believe that he has a plan for everyone and everything and I am hoping that I am part of that plan.

I have never been so scared in my entire life about the future. It always seemed to have a way of working out before now and things would be ok. I am tired of having to tell my wife and girls that we don't have money to do something or to get certain things. I hate the look of sadness on there faces that I see.

I just don't know. That is all I can think of at the moment but maybe I will have some positive news later today.

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Waking up is hard to do.

Category: Pete 28s blog | Posted: Tue Jun 17, 2008 3:26 pm

Well I kind of wish it was monday again as at least I new the week was going to be bad but didn't know how bad. I received three letters from three different collection agencies about bills that had to be paid. Sad part is I just don't have any money to pay them at the moment. Also my central air conditioner went out and it has been averaging 90+ degrees here in north florida for the past few weeks. I don't have money to have someone fix it but I know what the problem is because I use to repair central air units. The evaporator coil is leaking freon. I know how to fix this but the part is 700 bucks. So i have been confined to my bedroom where there is a window unit working overtime. However it did not help last night as the power was out for three hours. So I was sweating profusely and could not sleep but what else is new. Lets see what else is going on that sucks. Oh yeah my car is almost out of gas and I wont be getting any money until thursday. Hmm what else. Oh my boss at work has not called me and I don't have any appointments set up to sell people insurance. I called a bunch of people last night but no luck. My boss that is supposed to be training me and taking me to appointments has 5 other people on her team that she is training as well so I am lucky to get a few hours a week with her so long story short i make no money. Hmm lets see what else their is oh got a letter from the humane society stating that the dog I adopted has to be spayed immediately or else I will get fined. I don't have the money to get her spayed at the moment. Is there anything else? Oh yes I am a complete disappointment to my family and friends and as my father in law calls me a worthless piece of S^&T. Is there anything else? Not that I can think of off the top of my head, oh wait, all my tomato plants are ruined completely so they are coming out. So what do I do. I have no job, I have been applying every day to any number of jobs and still have no luck. Oh well I guess I should just keep my chin up and maintain good spirits right? Tomorrow is another day. I am just about at the point where I want to give up I just don't know anymore what to do.

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I dont like Mondays.

Category: Pete 28s blog | Posted: Mon Jun 16, 2008 2:04 pm

Well as some know I am unemployed. et me rephrase that. I am currently working as an insurance sales man but it is not the job for me. The worst thing about it is you only get paid if you sell something which isnt working out so well. Its almost as bad as not having work. I have been searching for 3 months. I have tried everything and anything to find work. I have sent out numberous resumes. My skills are.

Former USMC
10 years customer service experience
5 years manager experience
6 years as a plumber excavator.

So why can I not find a job? I live in White Springs Fl east of Jacksonville. I have been to unemployment almost every day with no luck. I am registered with every major job website that I can find but still no luck. Any one have any ideas?

Sorry for the rant. I am partly depressed because of money and because my wife and kids are on vacation visiting family. Oh well.

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Rainy fathers day

Category: Pete 28s blog | Posted: Sun Jun 15, 2008 2:41 pm

Well it is raining here in North Florida on fathers day. I just got a call from my wife and two daughters who are on their out of school vacation in Connecticut to see family and friends. I have to stay behind to watch the five dogs 4 cats and 6 kittens and one guinea pig. I thought I would be super bummed out not having them here but I do have some of my children here, they just have a lot more fur then the others. I was hoping to plant some basil outside today in containers but the rain is not cooperating so I think that is out of the question. :( No worries. I am hoping there is something cool on tv like a marathon or some good movies that may be interesting. My wife and kids are going to pick up her dad who should be coming home from the hospital today after having his second hip replaced. YIKES! this man has had more surgeries than I can count. I belive he has surpassed 20 major surgeries for bone related things. So hopefully he is doing well. They have him on some really heavy medications. My wife said that he was hallucinating pretty badly. Well time to go do some laundry and play with the kittens for a while. Have a great fathers day everyone.


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