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Favorite Pieces

Category: bethie's world | Posted: Sun Dec 10, 2006 3:05 pm

I thought I would show a few of my favorite pieces in here where everyone doesn't have to see them. I'll start with my favorite outdoor piece.

This started out as a surprise piece of glass my hubby bought me. Little did he know how much work that little glass would make. I decided we would make a peacock feather and I liked it so well decided to make two more and a hypertufa vase to display them in. The glass is heavy so the vase is built with a piece of pipe in the bottom that slides over a rebar driven in the ground. The feathers are each braised to a rod. The vase was hollow and the feathers were creted right into it. This dude ain't going nowhere.( I hope)

We love this piece but hubby did say he hopes we never have to make it again.
This pair of ethnic faces is made with glass of all different textures. The sun hits it in the morning and it's one of the first things I see as I head to the shop.

This fish was a fun pairing of glass and copper art.

This feeder was made from some beautiful cast iron shelf brackets we bought for one dollar. I told hubby they would be wasted on a shelf and must have their own place to shine. So this feeder was born. The plaque under is a fave also. I make pansies that are on wires sometimes and these sat around so long waiting to be soldered that I was missing two pieces of them. So I decided to put them in a plaque before more got lost. I can't sell it because their is so much labor in it that I HAVE to keep it. At least that's what I tell myself.

I HATE to sew but I found myself having to buy a new sewing machine. I resented having to spend a dime on a new machine so I decided to make me a pincushion that would cheer me up at stressful sewing times. I got out my sculpey and made this. He's the only company I have when sewing as hubby runs for the hills when he sees the machine come out.

When I was in third grade I wote a book report on making mobiles and made my first one. I still make mobiles and here's one I really like. We are major birdwatchers so these are all representative of real birds.

My modest dream was to have a bathtub in a room that is NOT a bathroom so hubby plumbed one of the spare rooms and we made a dressing room. I love Bath, Bubbles and a Book. I had seen this beautiful stencil in a book and wanted it bad. Lucky for me the wall is very rough so hubby cut thin board for the stencil to go on. Then I painted it and sealed it with poly and he put it up. If the wall hadn't been so rough I would have had to paint it in the tub. It's such a peaceful place.

This is my favorite batik.

We work in hot glass also and make beads and jewelery when we have the time. Here's my faves.

I'm not happy unless I have several things in the works at all times.

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Junk Saturday

Category: bethie's world | Posted: Sun Dec 03, 2006 2:39 pm

Well we found out about a new junk place. They are only open two days a week, so yesterday was the day. I wanted to look for some glass to make a totem. Yes, thanks to Cajunbelle and Miss Petals, I am on the hunt for glass. The place is a defunct shoe factory and was huge. Piles of junk everywhere. I'd say half or it you couldn't even get to. We were like rats in a maze and were hoping we didn't run into the real thing. I wore a light jacket and it was freezing in there. No heat at all. I didn't want to be weighed down by a heavy coat. Good thing too because there was some climbing involved. I found some nice glass pieces right away. Hubby asked what they were for and I told him we are making a totem. He said, "A what?" So I explain but he wants to know why this is the First he is hearing about this. OOps, must have forgot to mention it before. Now he is totally into it and as I am clambering over mounds of junk I keep hearing my name. When I look up there is a nice glass piece for me to decide if I want. I could rent him out to unesorted ladies. He doesn't mind fetching and carrying at all. As I pick out pieces he carries them back to the counter. They had a zillion good pieces. Turns out they bought the whole inventory of a lighting place. Wonder of wonder I found a pretty dress in with all this junk. I don't know where that came from. Here's some of the glass pieces.

And here's a closeup.

I especially like these crackle ones.

Since most of it was new it was nice and clean. They had some domes that were huge. The smaller ones were one dollar and the bigger ones were two. I found this interesting brass piece to make a birdfeeder out of.

We were inspired to go on to Goodwill where we bought four lamps to do hypertufa in. Everything was half price so what a good deal it was. We had a good time but had to get home and get cracking on our Christmas presents once again. I'm pretty sure that tonight I will dream Of garden totems instead of sugarplums.

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