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Decorative Greenhouse Startup

Category: bethie's world | Posted: Wed Jan 16, 2008 4:00 pm

We got our old windows and some assorted junk and we are ready to roll. Here's some old spindles and stuff from the dump we will decorate it with. The headboard in the back is oak and will probably end up with stained glass panels in it for another time.

I have primed all the windows and the first thing we do for the four windows for the body is to take off aluminum strips and rip the edges to get rid of the grooved parts. We save these strips for later use. We are predrilling all the holes and using screws. This is a two person job as the windows are unwieldly. Now the box is made. The door will be taken off and hinged later.

We throw this dropcloth on the floor so we can kneel on it since it's cold but when we turn around... My Sheppies have taken over.

The feet are cut off some old bed footboard and are put on. The round ones are in front. Mark this stuff or you are sure to get confused.

For the roof we hold up these slightly larger windows and measure the angle. After figuring out our fractions we see that our miter saw will not cut this deep so we decide to go with a 45 degree angle. Once we put it on there will be only a very tiny gap that we'll caulk on the inside when building and on the outside after it is in place. We take the roof back off and rip the very point off the roofline so the dowel can lay flat. The dowel is not affixed at this point.

Now we take the little strips we ripped off the windows and use these to hold the glass in place. The strips are put on with our little brad gun. You could use little nails or even a good glue for this.

The picture shows what the glass will be put against then more strips will be put in front of the glass to sandwich it in. The grooves left on the edge will have dowels in them. Now we are done for this weekend.
Hubby has had his sandblasting equipment out recently so I ask him if he will blast some glass for me if I get it ready. He gives me "the look." He asks me if he has ever said no to me. Actually he hasn't but I don't push it.
First contac paper is put on the window, no air bubbles allowed. Then the pattern is put on the other side of the window. Now the pattern is cut out with a razor knife and pulled off. This photo is of the door.

Now the door is blasted and the trim painted. I got this doorknob set at the junkyard.

The roof triangle is done. I have laid it on my bed so it will show up good. Hubby was pleased to see our initials on it. I know this way it CAN'T be sold! Look close and you will see where I forgot to cut out one flower center! AAARGGGH!

We cut and paint the spindles and such. We put the glass in the roof front. The back glass we think we will put mirror in. If we hang a windchime in the roof it will reflect nicely. Here is where we are now.

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