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Getting Started with GardenStew PLANTS [GUIDE]

This quick guide will get you started using GardenStew PLANTS

. Happy learning!

What is GardenStew PLANTS?

Please read About GardenStew PLANTS.

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What should be the first thing I do here?

If you don't already have a free GardenStew account then click here to create one. It's easy and grants you access to all of our great features!.

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I have created an account. What's next?

Do you have a favourite plant? Why not do a search for it using the "Search Plants" search box. Did you find your plant? Great! You just performed your first GardenStew PLANTS search.

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Oops! I didn't find my plant.

If you didn't find your plant then it may not be currently in our database. But you can fix this by suggesting the plant. Plant suggestions will be reviewed and added to the database as fast as possible.

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Ok I did a plant search. What's next?

Have you knowledge of a particular plant? If so then you can easily add this information to a plant's page. For example do you know how much sun your favourite plant requires? If so go to your plant's page and look out for the 'Sun Exposure' heading. See the 'edit' link next to it? Click it and you will be able to choose the correct value/s for this plant's sun requirements. Click 'Save' and voila, you have just performed your first plant edit!

You can perform a plant edit for any of the plant properties listed. Once you have performed one plant edit you will be listed as a contributor for that plant.

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What are the benefits of contributing to GardenStew PLANTS?

Contributing means that you are helping fellow plant-lovers learn about and discover new plants. This in turn will encourage them to contribute also. Everyone will benefit from having an ocean of useful, community-contributed plant information at their fingertips. The longest journey begins with a single step so please contribute what you can!

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How else can I become a contributor for a plant?

Besides performing plant edits you can also become a contributor for a plant if you upload a plant image or add your own plant opinion. All contributions can be performed directly from a plant's page. Really easy and fun!

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Does it cost anything to use GardenStew PLANTS?

Not a cent, it's completely free!

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We hope this quick guide has been useful. As you have probably guessed there is far too much to cover in just a few paragraphs so for more detailed help please visit out Help section.

Happy learning!
All @ GardenStew PLANTS