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Lawn Challenge - Call this "Day One"

Category: Fixing the Lawn | Posted: Tue Aug 01, 2017 4:20 pm

When Dad accepted a new position in Colorado Dad promised a yard so I could start a garden I've been so desperately wanting to start for a couple of years now. He obliged and we bought a house with a lawn and space for a garden. But that promise came with a price... I had to maintain the lawn, as well.

What do I know about lawns? I've lived in condos most of my life, and what little grass there was was mowed by someone that showed up in a truck and mower hired by the HOA. But I accepted the challenge, and I started.

First there was the shopping list --
- Lawn mower (the one left in the back shed by the previous owners wouldn't start)
- Hoses
- Sprinklers
- Rakes
- Fertilizer
- Weed killer

Here's what I'm starting with --

View 1 ( photo / image / picture from Quiyn's Garden )

As you can see, the grass is dry and patchy in some areas. The right side edge is all weeds. A giant mound of sage surrounds the mailbox (in the foreground). There are a two layer flower bed. I've already mowed and fertilized.

This is the view from the other side.

View 2 ( photo / image / picture from Quiyn's Garden )

Once again, patchy grass.

This is the part I don't like. The side of the patio is thick with shrubs. I believe they're dwarf burning bushes. In the front they've been trimmed down. In the lower part of the flower bed I found some herbs growing. My neighbor said they were chives and basil, and I think she's right, but there's lots of weeds still. In the lower right corner you can see some kind of thick, pale green/blue ground cover.

And then the front bed.

View 3 ( photo / image / picture from Quiyn's Garden )

Besides the neighbor's cat, Sam, there's a nice rose bush growing on the right, and then there's random patches of columbine and snap dragons (once again, thank you neighbor for helping identify). And then it's just... UHG!

And finally, to the other side of the driveway is a small strip with a couple of pine small pine trees and some sage again. This is what it looks like after two hours of weeding. It still looks bad, but is so much better.

View 4 ( photo / image / picture from Quiyn's Garden )

So this is what I'm starting with. Bad shape, but I think there is some great possibility here. If anyone has any thoughts on what I can do to add to the potential beauty I'd be greatly appreciative.

Day One... Water, weed more, fertilize...

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