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Posted: 14 Jun 2018
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Posted: 08 Jun 2018
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Back again...

Category: Life | Posted: Fri Jun 08, 2018 4:40 pm

I'm back again. Unfortunately, as I'm sure a lot of you know, life does interfere. Last year I got into gardening after Dad and I moved into this house. But it was at the end of the growing season and there wasn't much I could do. It even got frustrating reading books and such. At the same time, my dance team got really busy with games, state, and ultimately nationals in February, which kept me occupied about every spare minute.

School is over now and I've been anxious to grow something for my very first time. Except...

Dad and I tracked the sun and shade through the backyard where I'd planned to garden. No place in the backyard would work. Between the house and the trees we simply didn't get enough sunlight through the day to make a garden any good. Not to be deterred, I went and bought some soft pots, filled them with gardening soil, peat, and fertilizer, and put them out on the large front patio we have, which DOES get at least 10-12 hours of sunlight during the day. While it's not ideal, I have my garden, small as it is, growing.

I've planted two types of pumpkins (always wanted a pumpkin patch), peppers, tomatoes, and some summer squash. And I have an actual pumpkin growing! Of course, it's super small, but still, it's a pumpkin.

Pumpkin is growing! ( photo / image / picture from Quiyn's Garden )

( photo / image / picture from Quiyn's Garden )

I also have some peppers growing. The only problem is, I lost the label and can't remember what kind these are. Whatever kind, they're probably not too hot since I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to spicy so I would have picked mild.

( photo / image / picture from Quiyn's Garden )

I know container gardening isn't idea for growing large crops like pumpkins and squash, but it's the best I can do right now.

Thanks everyone! Until next time... (hopefully not too long, though).

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