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Life of Dance

Category: Life | Posted: Mon Aug 14, 2017 4:18 pm

I've always been active in my life. When I wasn't in school I was dancing. When I wasn't dancing I was taking pictures. Now, of course, I'm adding gardening.

At my old school I was on the dance team, so I was thrilled to find my new school also had a dance team. I've been to some day camps this month with last year's team members and the coaches to learn the routines for tryouts. And I've become friends with the other girls. Well, tryouts were Wednesday. I made the team. And right away on Saturday we had to do a performance for a city wide back-to-school gathering.

And it was a blast!

The last dance team I was on had a two "bad apples", and they were an energy suck. My dad came out Saturday to watch and took the picture below. He followed us around during some of our warm-ups, met some of the other parents, and then watched the three dance routines we did. His comment was that it looked like all the girls wanted to excel as part of the team. That's crucial since this team typically qualifies and competes at the national level in Florida in February. I'm so looking forward to being on a team of girls that want it.

Dance Team ( photo / image / picture from Quiyn's Garden )

This picture was taken during our last routine of the day. I'm third from the right. While it looks like cheerleading it really isn't. It's poms and much more dance (hip hop, jazz, contemporary) focused. The school has a separate cheer team. Two of the girls on our dance team came over from the cheer team.

This is going to be a great year!

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Netty wrote on Mon Sep 11, 2017 9:26 am:

Sounds like lots of fun!

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