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A perfect family weekend

Category: Daily Life | Posted: Sun Apr 30, 2006 11:15 pm

Seems like these last few days have flown by. At the end of the day, I have been exhausted. Enough so that today, since it is cool and rainy, I took a two hour nap.

Last Thursday evening, we took the boys out to a sit down restaurant to eat. First time in ages we have done that. We used the excuse that we were celebrating Shaine (my 16 year-old) hitting the 4 months sober mark and Travis (my 11 year-old) being back on track after his latest surgery in March.

Friday evening, Travis took his 'girlfriend' to the school dance. Her Mom drove them and I picked them up. She wore a new dress that she begged her mom to take her to get and Travis wore a t-shirt and grass stained jeans. Sigh...boys will be boys!

Saturday morning, Andy and I went to the flea market and walked around. I found an adorable mosaic table for the garden. It has yellow flowers and butterflies on top. After that we took the boys out to Grandma's house, along with their guns, so they could target practice in the woods. I also dug up more rocks for the shade garden. I think I loaded a few to many because we could feel the weight of them while driving.

Today was a whole lot of nothing. Travis has a spring cold, Shaine walked to the movies for some alone time and now is spending time with a couple of friends, Andy watched TV and I napped.

All in all, it was a wonderful family weekend. Something that has not been that easy to come by these last four years.

Tomorrow I will post some pictures of the progress in the shade garden as well as the blooms in the pond garden.

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Grape News!

Category: Daily Life | Posted: Wed Apr 19, 2006 8:30 pm

I looked in the mirror this morning and realized that, yes, I am getting older and my skin shows it. There are those pesky fine lines near the eyes, as well as the smile lines by the mouth. There are frown lines on the forehead and the neck is a whole other story. The question is, even though I am getting older, and hopefully wiser as well, does my skin really have to show it?

Open any women's magazine and you will find article after article on the latest fads for younger looking skin. Fads such as surgery, injections and acid peels. Yikes! Well, guess what? I have grape news for you. A few drops of grapeseed oil smoothed onto the skin can help reduce those fine lines which are leaning towards becoming major wrinkles. It can help improve your skin's appearance and leave it feeling silky smooth.

But, is this also a fad you ask? Take a look back through the history of beautiful women. Pictures of the past era of the Southern Belle show woman with beautiful skin. It is said that they not only ate grapes, but the seeds as well. The Italian women who stomped grapes to make wine noted the smoothness of their skin. It is even noted back to the days of Cleopatra that women would use the leftover remnants from the wine making process on their skin, leaving it smooth and beautiful. In more recent years, it has been discovered that it is actually the oil within the grapeseed that gives us the smooth, beautiful skin and anti-aging properties.

Anti-Aging Body Oil

2 oz Grapeseed Oil
10 drops Vitamin E Oil
2-4 drops of your favorite Essential Oil ~ Feeling down? Add a blend of basil, rosemary, and lavender which is guaranteed to raise the spirits!

Mix well and smooth oil directly onto the skin, focusing on the neck and area around the eyes. Store in an airtight container and refrigerate for a longer shelf life.

Grapeseed Oil is light and absorbs easily through the skin, without leaving you with that greasy feeling. Will it stop the effects of aging? No, it probably will not stop it, but if it slows it down, it sure is worth the try.

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