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Rain, Rain, Go Away

Category: Other Stuff | Posted: Fri Jan 05, 2007 1:58 am

Even though we are missing the worst of the storms, our yard is still a soggy mess. Imagine walking on a huge sponge saturated with water, that's our yard. And it will stay that way for days. Just as it starts drying out, guess what, more rain. I will never get my flower beds worked for the spring. I still haven't gotten leaves raked, way too wet for that. And I want to get the neighbors leaves and the ones at the church. Also, the lady who bought my Mom's place said we could come rake there, nothing but big oaks covering the whole yard. The more leaves, the less weeding I will have to do this summer. Plus, it gives all the little worms something to eat, then I get nice rich worm castings for free. I like to bag the leaves and put grub worms in the bag with them, more castings. The rain is stopping me from rooting plants I want to sell at a plant sale this spring. I am hoping to get enough money to buy some bedding mix for a new flower bed. Oh well, can't do anything about Mother Nature can I. Sorry for complaining, I feel all better now.

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Ornament Party

Category: Other Stuff | Posted: Sun Dec 10, 2006 3:14 am

I had a good time at party last night. The attendance was very low this year, only six ladies showed, I think it was because of the cold weather. But we partied anyway. Everyone brings a wrapped Christmas ornament, we sit in a circle. A story is read consisting of the words left and right heavily scattered throughout. The ornaments are then passed accordingly. At the end of the story you should end up with a package that is not your own. The lady who reads the story is the daughter-in-law of the hostess. She has a very heavy Cajun accent and her story is about Santa not being able to deliver toys on Christmas eve so he calls on Pierre Boudreaux to get the job done. It is fun and of course you end up with a new ornament for the tree. This year mine was a boxed set of four ornaments. They are gold and red with a holly leaf design on them and are teardrop shaped. Very pretty. And, being a true Baptist occasion, there is always good food to eat.

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Hurricane Frenzy

Category: Other Stuff | Posted: Mon Aug 28, 2006 6:35 pm

I work at WalMart in the meat department. Before leaving for work Saturday I checked the weather to see what was going on with Tropical Storm Ernesto. It was then being reported that it would enter the Gulf of Mexico sometime early this week. I knew then what my day at work would be like. After Huricanes Katrina and Rita last year everyone is a bit gun shy and you can't blame them. The store was packed with people buying everything from meat to flashlights.
Katrina was a living nightmare for everyone down here, and it still is for some. The people who left New Orleans thought they would only be gone a couple of days and then they could go back home. Many of them ended up with no homes to go back to. They had nothing except what they had brought out. Our district warehouse took a hard hit and we could not get supplies for several days. Once what we had onhan d was gone the people really panicked. They knew if WalMart shelves were empty things had to be bad. When the people that stayed in New Orleans to ride out the storm started coming in they had the same look as someone coming out of a battle zone. Some were still in shock, some were very angry, and then there were the ones who had a peace about them. Those were the ones that knew the Lord, and He was the only thing that got them through.
It is now a year later and some people still are without a home. I met a lady the other day that has been going on weekends trying to get it all back together. Some of the people cannot afford to have their ruined homes demolished and cleared off of their land to start over. Now if the city has it cleared they take the land as payment leaving these people with nothing. Please pray for these people.

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Severe Drought Conditions

Category: Other Stuff | Posted: Fri Jun 16, 2006 3:58 am

We are in a severe drought in Louisiana. Cities and towns are warning people about over using water. A lot of places are having trouble keeping up with the water usage. I am not watering my lawn, but I am watering my flower beds and pots. The grass looks really good around the beds where the excess water hits, but elsewhere it is dying. We are not on town water, we have our on well, which makes us luckier than most people I guess. The only problem will be if our underground water supply would dry up. I have never known it to be this bad.

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