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Posted: 08 May 2007
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Posted: 24 Apr 2007
Posted: 12 Apr 2007
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Posted: 10 Apr 2007
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Posted: 05 Apr 2007

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Latest Doings

Category: Flowers and Vegetables | Posted: Tue Apr 24, 2007 1:20 am

I have finally gotten the whiskey barrel half planted, I need some cane reeds to do the middle part. I am putting the passionvine my church Momma gave me in the middle, and I want to get some yellow or gold million bells to trail down the side. I think it will get enough light for them. I started planting my plants still in their little containers. Much to my dismay, I forgot to water them Saturday and lost my Shasta daisies, and my herbs look pretty bad. I was so upset with myself. Too much to do and not enough time. We have cannas blooming and daylily spikes everywhere. The roses are coming along nicely, most of them anyway. My goal tomorrow is to clean out the winter shelter and get as much or all of it in the ground or containers. One day I may get it all together. I promise pics as soon as I can get DD to take them, she does so much better than me. Oh, how could I forget, I bought a Jacobinia:

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Category: Flowers and Vegetables | Posted: Thu Apr 12, 2007 2:48 am

Since it rained until late yesterday evening, I think I got a good bit done. I set up and planted my fan grate yesterday evening. I kinda messed up assembling it. I got the pole on the crosspiece stuck and it didn't go down on the pipe as far as I would have liked. Once the spagnum moss, dirt and plants were in it was heavy. I hope the pipe does not bend, it is 1/2 inch copper pipe. Copper is soft. Pics as soon as DD gets back with the camera.
Today, I planted two containers for Mom, repotted her mini rose we got her for Easter, and set up my big half whiskey barrel planter after Richard drilled the holes in it . I need some more packing peanuts to fill it in partially so it won't use so much dirt. I also put a large plastic pot upside down in the bottom. The plants I am putting in it just don't need that much root room.
I did some weeding around the spot where I have the fan grate and barrel set up. There is a gate that leads to nowhere, on one side of it I have pinecone ginger, which is just peeping through the soil, and shell ginger planted. On the other side I am putting alternanthera "party time" and pink begonias. I have the barrel and fan grate on either end. I will also plant around the pipe for the fan grate, probably torenia. It should be a nice spot when finished. I had to dig two beauty berry bushes up that were volunteers. We have them all over. I also got one of my yellow hibiscus planted. I think that is all, all I can remember anyway.

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Ramblings of a Sleep Deprived Mind

Category: Family and Everyday Life | Posted: Tue Apr 10, 2007 1:16 am

I have worked the last 7 days, over the Easter weekend. I haven't been sleeping well and this morning I was up at 3:30 am to tell DD goodbye before she left for New York. I couldn't go back to sleep so I have been up since. I now have 2 days off and there's so much to do I don't know where to start. So here on the Stew seemed like a good place.
When I was leaving work the garden center assistant manager was at the trash compactor. She was throwing away carts of Easter lilies, the big white trumpet ones. I was sick at heart. I went to my locker and on the way back they had several more carts full with a pretty pink lily. I don't know why they can't mark them down and try to sell them. They were going out of bloom but gardeners would have bought them to put in the yard. They let so many plants die bc of lack of water and over ordering.
After I put Mom to bed I stayed out for a while. I got my pole driven into the ground for my sedum/succulent fan grate planter. I have to wrap the pipe so the cross piece will fit a little tighter. Then I will lash the grate on it with zip strips. The cross piece sticks out a little further than the grate, so I guess that means I will have to come up with some sort of garden junk to hang from them so they won't look out of place. DD has the camera with her so I will have to tease y'all till she gets back to take pics. I hope it doesn't look totally ridiculous. We'll see.
Sarah is at a friend's house and without the kids it is so quiet here. I'm not to used to this. They are usually arguing about one thing or the other. Of course we have the dogs and cats to keep us company. Richard just fed the dogs and has them out for the last time tonight. Then he can finally relax. After the drive to New Orleans and back he is tired. And he has to go to Baton Rouge in the morning.
Tomorrow I plan on finishing up the planter and planting up some containers for Mom. I also have a small bed to finish up and plant. A lot of that depends on the weather. We have rain in the forcast. If it does rain then I will do much needed housework.
I'd better quit my insane ramblings before I bore everyone to tears. I think I will check out the forums.

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Progress Report

Category: Flowers and Vegetables | Posted: Thu Apr 05, 2007 2:53 am

My amaryllis are almost open, I only have 2 different varieties. One is a double white and red, the other solid red. I have single, low growing red cannas blooming, my clematis has 7 beautiful flowers on it. The La. irises are blooming, one kind is finished, the others at peak bloom, the copper color have not started. The pink seven sisters climbing rose is going to be in full bloom in a couple of weeks, an awesome site. The pine cone ginger is peaking through, as is the shell ginger. I may have lost the hidden lily ginger, the bulbs heaved and are mushy feeling. The butterfly ginger is really big already. The passion vine is off to a good start, I fertilized it and mixed some manure into the top third of the soil. The white hibiscus with the wine center is back with 12 shoots so far. It is also fertilized and manured. Oh, I got a new passion vine and a tea rose, both babies, but they will grow. They were given to me by a friend at church. The pink osteospermum is blooming along with the snaps, pansies, and violas. I have 2 daylily flower spikes, the big different one that I got free has a spike. The plant that wins the most blooms award, besides the Seven Sisters, is a little daisy called Becky. I had her in a pot last year, dug her out and put her in the ground in January. She has over 30 flowers on her as far as I could count, and my balsam has self seeded very freely again. Awwwww, the bed is calling my name. I am so tired.

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