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Flower Bed Update

Category: Flowers and Vegetables | Posted: Thu Mar 29, 2007 5:24 pm

Well it is almost finished. I will take some pics with a disposable and by then it will be filled out a little more. So be visual with me for a minute.

Starting at one front corner, across the back and up to the other front corner, purple perennial verbena, giant yellow daylily, purple angels trumpet, yellow hardy hibiscus, purple butterfly bush, bright yellow daylily, purple hardy chrysanthemum, another clump of giant yellow daylily. On each back corner of the bed behind the AT, I have yellow canna, and behind the mums, a yellow cassia alata or candelabra tree. In the middle I have gold marigolds and purple salvia. I have a little filling in to do, but haven't figured out what to put yet. I think I will try to get a couple of the coreopsis nana for some more gold.

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New Flower Bed, Yeah!!!!!

Category: Flowers and Vegetables | Posted: Wed Mar 28, 2007 5:06 pm

Do y'all remember last year when we dug all of the daylilies and irises out of a bed in front? Well, it is a bed again. Richard tilled it yesterday, we raked it and got the grass out today. I hauled 5 wheelbarrows of good dirt from our brush pile in the back, not the easiest of hauls. I broke the wheelbarrow when I hit a log covered by leaves. Richard fixed it, the axle had just slipped out of the little metal holder. I dug the log out, and it now sits in front of the new bed. It is really curvy and bumpy and adds interest. One the high end I will plant some type of trailing plant to spill over it. It broke in two, but I got it to sit back like it was in the ground. And I need to find another piece about 4 ft. long to finish off the front of the bed. When our land was cleared the idiots who did it pushed all of the brush and trash trees in a corner with oak trees, so we can't burn it without hurting the trees. A lot of our topsoil was pushed back there too. That is where I got the dirt. Anyway, I will start planting the bed this afternoon, I want all purple and gold/yellow plants in it. Go LSU!!!!!
I have a butterfly plant, a candelabra tree, a purple angels trumpet, and some purple perennial verbena so far. I will probably put some yellow daylilies in there too. What's a flower bed without daylilies. I want some glads and some low growing gold coreopsis but my flower allowance is used up for now. Oh well, we'll see what else can be found to put in it. I will update everyone on the progress in a couple of days.

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Unplanned Plants

Category: Flowers and Vegetables | Posted: Sun Mar 25, 2007 3:01 am

My brother needed to buy veggie plants. So we left for work early and stopped by a small garden center on the way. Gosh, they had so many flowers, I could have went nuts. The plants were really healthy too. I have been to this place before, but don't remember such a wide selection. I am going back to get some herbs. Today I got 2 Homestead purple verbena, a shrimp plant, and indigo ferra, 2 sedums, a persian shield, a gaura, and 2 alternanthera party time, a hot pink and green foliage plant, a pretty red curly coleus, all of these are in 4 inch pots and were from $1.29-$1.99 each. In Wayside Catalog the gaura in a 3inch pot is $9.95. I also got a 6pk of coleus, a pretty lime green color, a six pack of pink moss rose and 2 packs of marigolds, plus some tomatoes and peppers. I am a happy camper. The only blight on the day was the fact that I had to send the plants home with Richard and work till eight o-clock tonight. Oh, I forgot, I also bought 2 nine pack impatiens at WalMart tonight. They are a pretty dark lavender with a white star, plain lavender, and white mix. These will go around a stump in front of a beauty berry bush, we will plant a moonflower vine to twine up the bush like we did last year. I can't wait to go back to this place and take a little longer to browse, they were crowded today, being a Saturday. They have some really awesome garden ornaments too.

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Category: Flowers and Vegetables | Posted: Fri Mar 23, 2007 1:18 am

I bought a perennial verbena today. It is pink, I think the name is Rapunzel Pink. It is loaded with clusters of buds. It is also starting to root at the little nodes along the stem. In two years it will probably cover the whole side of the bed where I have it plantd. I have a society garlic I planted there also and put hot pink vinca inbetween them and on around the curve of the bed. If I get really industrious I will finish going around the bed and widen it like I did here and plant other things. I think I will get some moss roses to plant in front of the vinca along the edge of the bed. This fall I will take tip cutting of the verbena so next year I can go all the way around the bed with it. This will eventually be my pink and white bed.

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Discoveries Part Two

Category: Flowers and Vegetables | Posted: Mon Mar 19, 2007 7:39 pm

How could I have forgotten about the clematis. I checked it last week and nothing. Since our rain the other day it is going beserk. So I got the troublesome grass out of it, put some fertilizer and horse manure on it and mulched it good, now it should really go crazy. I also but a small oblesik over the passion vine to keep the cats out of it. This afternoon I am going to freshen the dirt with some manure and fertilize it also.
I dug up my Little Missy daylilies bc they were not happy, I put them back in a large pot with some hot pink vinca. They did really well in the pot but I thought they should be in the ground, they didn't like the ground, at least not where I had them.
I was very good at HD this morning. We got the ant stuff, rose food, plant food, a part for the pump so we would have more water pressure and some cacti soil. They had no RoundUp except the premixed which is way too expensive if you have a lot to do. In fact, there had barely anything. Most of the bedding plants were in really bad shape, and they had no perennials hardly at all. I got a flat of pink flowering vinca and a flat of pink begonias, I like pink flowers. There was hardly any bagged soil or mulch, which I thought was weird. And we frogot the hose for the washing machine. Time to mop the kitchen and think about supper.

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Things I Have Discovered

Category: Flowers and Vegetables | Posted: Mon Mar 19, 2007 2:09 pm

Last year I bought a native passion vine, because I want the fruit it produces. I put it in a pot, babied it and ended up with a very puny vine, three flowers and nothing else. The caterpillars ate it up, but it put out new leaves which they ate again. Kittle was laying in the pot the other day and I had just about given up hope, especially since I didn't mulch or protect it in anyway over the winter. Well yesterday I passed by the pot and it has four healthy shoots coming off the roots. Hooray!!!!! Now I have to decide If I will leave it in the pot or put it in the ground.
My Dallas Red lantana is also coming back as is my Bengal Tiger Canna. No show from the Blue Daze, White Plumbago, and Mexican Heather, I think I have lost them, and also two orange and yellow lantana's. The purple Louisiana irises are in full bud, it won't be too long before I have flowers, no sign of the copper or yellow irises blooming yet. My amarylis have flower spikes coming out, they seem to be enjoying their new place as are the bearded irises, which have gotten huge. I found some irises in a place we didn't plant them, I guess they kinda just wandered around somehow and ended up there. Those things will grow anywhere. I was given a pink climbing rose by a friend last year and it is putting out new growth and some healthy new shoots, which I have to train to the fence. I have more glads coming up and all of the daylilies seem to be doing good, I have to move some bc other plants are taking them over. I bought a tropical shrub last year, grewia, never heard of it, but it's pretty lavender flowers were too pretty to pass up. I put it under the shelter to overwinter it. I was going to prune it yesterday, but it has flower buds all up and down the stems. So I guess I will wait till the fall. It bloomed off and on all winter, just three or four flowers at a time, but they were pretty to see on a dreary winter's day. Oh well, sitting here typing is getting nothing done in the yard so I gotta go.

Oops, forgot to add, I am going to Home Depot today, I will try to be very good, I hope they have their bulbs reduced and I am looking for a Duranta. Will let y'all know what we find.

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The Return of Spike

Category: Flowers and Vegetables | Posted: Sat Mar 17, 2007 2:46 am

Several years ago I planted a large round flower pot with various plants. One of these was a spike plant to give the container height. Don't ask me the name of it, a dracaena probably. Well, as common with my container plantings, by the end of the summer the only thing still alive was Spike, and he was a healthy fellow. Spike lived happily in his container, getting bigger and bigger. Two years ago, due to a complete lack of attention, Spike passed away. I never did anything with the container, just let it sit. This winter, when I made a shelter for my container plants I put the large round pot with the deceased Spike in it under the shelter. I did this because I knew a cat or two would get under there to sleep and I thought the container would make a good nest for them. Well lo and behold, the other day I was inspecting everything to see what had survived and what had not, and there coming off to the side of the old trunk was a brand new Spike. He is already about 10 inches tall and I think I will just call him Jr. Simply amazing!!!!!!!

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Busy Yard Day

Category: Flowers and Vegetables | Posted: Mon Mar 12, 2007 9:49 pm

Well the daylilies are planted. We put two new rows between my Mom's driveway and our property line. There is a Bradford pear and two Japanese persimmon trees there and we planted on each side. We could have put them all there but one spot is really low and we didn't have the dirt to fill it in. So we will work on that and divide them next year to plant there. We also reworked a flower bed, took the overgrown canna's out and put my gladioli and the rest of the lilies. It already had daylilies and glads in it, plus a crinum, which I will move, some irises which I have already dug out, a dahlia, and a cardinal flower, which is a native plant. I put the canna's behind Mom's house which has a low spot, so I will see if Glenda's advice works. I am sure it will. Now I have to rake leaves after supper to mulch so my dirt doesn't wash away during the rain. There was 30+ clumps of daylilies, some with as many as 4 fans in them, I figure more than the 50 he said. There was one really different looking daylily so I planted it separate, along with some from another spot that was not doing well bc of lack of sun. I am very anxious to see what the different one will look like. I did save about 8 clumps to share with people who have been so generous with me in the past. All in all it has been a very satisfying day.

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Interesting Flower Trivia

Category: Flowers and Vegetables | Posted: Sun Mar 04, 2007 2:07 pm

There are approximately 1300 species of Begonia and the number of hybrids is estimated between 1000 and 2000. Within the Begonia genus, there are plants which are tiny enough to grow in an egg shell and others which can cover a greenhouse wall.

In heraldry, the rose is used as a mark of cadency for a seventh son.

The first recorded plant collectors were the soldiers in the army of Thothmes III, Pharaoh of Egypt, 3500 years ago. In the Temple of Karnak these soldiers are shown bringing back 300 plants as booty from Syria.

The rose is the emblem of the British royal family. The Wars of the Roses are so named because the Lancastrians whose symbol was a red rose were fighting the Yorkists whose symbol was a white rose.

The fleur-de-lis or white lily was the symbol of the French royal family. It is still the symbol of Quebec.

The florin (an Italian gold coin) was so named because of the fleur-de-lis on the back. The fleur-de-lis was also the badge of Florence.

The cactus family is divided into more than 100 genera. For simplicity North American cacti are placed into five groups: the prickly pears, the saguaro cactus group, the hedgehog cacti, the barrel cacti, and the pin-cushion and fishhook cacti.

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6 Days Off, Hooray!!!!!!!!

Category: Family and Everyday Life | Posted: Thu Mar 01, 2007 2:22 pm

My anniversary date is coming up at work and I had 3 vacation days left, so along with my regular 2 days off and a personal day that is a total of 6 wonderful, no work filled days. I can do what I want, when I want and how I want. Today is the first, I am cooking a gumbo, we should be able to eat off of that 2 days. I want to go out to do some work in the yard, but right now I am just relaxing. Tomorrow I go junkin', can't wait. Calamity is bringing me some horse poop one day, probably Monday, so I have to dig her some plants. Sunday is church in the morning. Tuesday Mom has some test to run. So hopefully, weather permitting I will get the yard cleaned up, some weeding done, and if it isn't too wet, some planting done. It is just so nice to know that I don't have to go to work for 6 days I could explode.

Last edited: Mon Mar 12, 2007 9:51 pm

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