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The Beginning of Everything

Category: Hobby Farm | Posted: Sat Dec 11, 2010 4:42 pm

I'm now in preparation for my first year on our new property. We have 70 acres to do with as we please. This is a big change from growing in our backyard, on the porch, anywhere we could fit something. I'm very excited and have so many plans!

My son will be building 3 large greenhouses for me. I've got plans for the first vegetable garden at the new property. I'm using a 52 foot x 52 foot plot that was previously a horse corral. Due to our location, our soil is nearly 100 percent sand. So for the first year or so, I'll be using raised beds. We're building 40 4×8 foot raised beds for my veggies.

The flowers will be located all around the 5 acres at the front of the property. Mostly containers. The herb garden will also be raised beds in a sheltered yet sunny spot that measures about 15 × 25 feet.

Trees will be planted - the entire 70 acres has 5 trees. Three cottonwoods, one sad little pear, and a peach tree. We bought the property in August and the peach tree was weighed down with so many peaches. I don't recognize what kind they are but I hope to learn! The skin, fuzzy fuzzy fuzzy, is very pale, almost completely white. The flesh is also quite white - and it is clingstone. Beyond that, I have no clue!

So far we've found 2 rattlesnakes in the house. Hmmmm.... need to figure that little problem out soon! The house, btw, was designed as an earthship. Unfortunately the previous owners (who were also the builders) didn't quite do it right. It does stay cool. On 97 degree days, it never got about 68 degrees inside, which is wonderful. But now that it's turned cold out, it gets down to about 40 degrees in the house. A true earthship wouldn't cool that much. Luckily we don't live there yet so don't have to suffer much!

Once we get the addition built, we'll be moving in! The house was sold as 2 bed, 2 bath. But - one bedroom is obviously the kitchen pantry. No windows, tiny, and connected to the back of the kitchen! The 2nd bedroom - never finished. The floor was dirt, the tires exposed, as well as the walls and ceiling not finished. Bathroom 1 has a toilet. Bathroom 2 has a tub and sink. So, we need another real bathroom, 3 bedrooms, and a living room built. We were going to follow the earthship style but have finally decided on stick built. Cheaper, easier.

I have a lot of wonderful growing to look forward to! I've gathered tons of seeds, from my own garden, my mother's garden and from friends. And I'm always looking for more!

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Jerry Sullivan wrote on Sat Dec 11, 2010 5:37 pm:

Congratulations!! 70 Acres. Wow!! Endless possibilities. I'm trying to imagine something that size. A friend in Nebraska has 20 acres and I thought that was big. Raised beds...Greenhouses... Lots of sun, I can hear plants growing now:-)

Best of luck,



wufflespring wrote on Sun Dec 12, 2010 12:38 am:

Thanks! I'm excited too! I'm dying to get started on things - but right now it's too cold and blowy to do any work out there.

I'll be sure to take tons of photos!


Zinnia wrote on Sun Dec 12, 2010 3:04 am:

Looking forward to your photos!


Netty wrote on Mon Dec 27, 2010 1:30 pm:

70 acres to play with - that sounds WONDERFUL! I've always wanted a peach tree but they probably wouldn't be hardy enough here. I look forward to photos wufflespring :)

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