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Now I just need sun...

Category: Hobby Farm | Posted: Wed Jan 26, 2011 4:52 pm

My darling son, 21 next month, used part of his tax refund to buy supplies to build me a small greenhouse. Since we aren't living in our 'new' place yet, it makes no sense to get the greenhouses up and running out there. That's a 62 mile roundtrip and we can't be driving out there every day to take care of things. So yesterday he visited Lowes, spent less than $200, and built me a greenhouse. 8x8x8 high. Perfect size for our tiny yard here in town. And it took him less than 2 hours to build it. I love having a son with skills!

Now - we just need some sun so we can see how it looks and feels. But today, southern Colorado is having one of it's very rare cloudy days. It might clear soon, we can only hope.

And what a lovely surprise - my Bhut Jolokia seeds have germinated! They are now nestled down in their little pots, under the lights, growing. The pepper seeds I bought from The Chile Pepper Institute are amazing! 100% germination on Bhut Jolokia, NuMex Twilight, and Takanotsume! Not a single seed failed germination so I'm excited. My Purple Jalapeno seeds are growing as well. Hungarian Hot Wax peppers are growing like mad beasts. And for some bizarre reason, along with all the peppers, I accidentally germinated a bunch of Chichiquelite Huckleberry seeds. Let's see what they do! 27 pots of peppers on their way.

Son also started a bunch of stuff in one of those 72 cell peat pellet using plastic thingys. I don't know what he planted, I'll wait and be surprised. I have no room at all left under my grow lights and it's driving me nuts, not being able to get more things going. Is this an addiction? I hear the word 'seeds' and my heart skips a beat. I have mitral valve prolapse but I don't think that is the cause. It must be an addiction.

I've never been able to grow more than a handful of things, not counting that year my entire yard turned into a pumpkin patch (thanks, squirrels) due to space. Now - having pretty much unlimited space - I might be going overboard a bit. Ah well, it's a pretty harmless addiction.

Off to stand in the greenhouse and dream........

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eileen wrote on Thu Jan 27, 2011 12:37 am:

I got a greenhouse last year free from a recycling website here and I've never been happier. It did take my son and my husband an afternoon to build it but I couldn't live without it now. I've just been tidying it out ready for all my new 'babies' to be planted come spring. Let's be addicts together!!


wufflespring wrote on Thu Jan 27, 2011 2:54 am:

Sounds great to me! :D My son is, if anything, worse than me! He's already planning on how many greenhouses we can afford each month (to build). We've decided to go with a bunch of 8x8 ones instead of the original huge by huge plan, lol.

I'm loving it already! Looking forward to my first greenhouse experience. And now I know who to go to if I have questions :D

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