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Green things everywhere!

Category: Hobby Farm | Posted: Sun Feb 27, 2011 11:36 pm

Where is spring? We've only had a couple of small snowfalls in the last 5 months - there is no point in spring waiting any longer. Let's go, I'm ready! Temps are hitting low 60s most days now. Too bad the nights still get so cold (teens - 20s).

My ever so clever boy, ok - man - created 6 places indoors for me to get things started growing. Me being the eager beaver, well, I started way too much way too early. But everything is doing well! First, I have a long low dresser with the drawers and front removed. Inside is a 4 foot light fixture with 2 tubes in it. This is currently where a bunch of my tomato plants, my red warty thing, and a couple of pumpkins are living. Yes, pumpkins. They are getting ready to flower already... this might be interesting if it doesn't warm up outside!

Next, in the cupboard over my washing machine, there is a smaller light set up, maybe about 12 inches long? I don't have anything here right now, as the tomatoes that WERE here had to move to the dresser due to their size.

Finally, I have 4 plastic bins with lids. Make that 5! They have holes cut in the lids to fit light sockets into with bulbs (twirlies)on the insides of the boxes. The boxes are lined with those emergency blankets from the camping aisle. Shiny silver, ya know? Each box has a layer of damp pebbles on the bottom to help hold moisture in. This is Colorado where if you leave a slice of bread on the counter it will be rock hard in less than 15 minutes. Of course these are NEVER turned on unless someone is home with them, no safety lectures please! :D We do have our fire extinguishers nearby just in case.

Anyhow, those boxes are packed full of everything, from sweet marjoram to Bhut Jolokia to Huckleberries to Cinnamon Basil. They are all growing in little pots side by side, happy as can be.

Now the problem is they are all ready to be transplanted up to larger pots...and once that happens, I'll need another 4 boxes to fit them all. Hmmmmm. We don't really have the room for that.

Hopefully we can get it figured out! For now, I do have my coffee table covered in tulips which are blooming like mad. Strange though. Bought them on clearance at walmart - who can resist 25 bulbs for $1? I bought 3 bags, different colors. Strangely enough every single bulb from every single bag is this purply color. A color I didn't even buy. Yay walmart.

I also came into about 10,000 poppy seeds (not somniferum) that I plan to just fling into the wind out on the farm. Let's see what becomes of them all...

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Frank wrote on Mon Feb 28, 2011 1:11 pm:

Hope spring comes soon for you.


Annette wrote on Tue Mar 01, 2011 2:52 pm:

i'm impatient, too. we still have another month or so before i can really start anything (i don't start seeds indoors). but the last 'thaw' we had did uncover bulbs that are already about 2 inches tall and that surely must be a good sign!....i can't wait...hope you can get your hands dirty real soon!

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