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But it's my zucchini

Category: Liberty's "Victory" Garden | Posted: Mon Jul 18, 2011 3:26 am

So ends another weekend. My new friend, Mallory, and I split the gardening work between each of our gardens today. Weeding is far more fun when you have someone working along side of you, and you can admire each others triumphs. And the husbands? They got together and drove down to Denver to go see a baseball game.

While we were pulling weeds, we got to talking about gardens of others. So many pictures of your gardens that I see on this site are intimidating. They're so beautiful that I just can't imagine the work and knowledge that goes into them. Just picking out the right plants from the thousands of varieties available just has me thinking that it will be impossible for me.

And I'll admit, I'll look at your gardens and then go out and look at mine and feel like it's child's crayon drawing compared to Michelangelo. I was talking about that today with Mal and lamenting about it. We were looking down at my zucchini and Mal said the most perfect thing to me to change my whole attitude. "But Libby, it's YOUR zucchini."

That's right, it's my zucchini, grown and tended from a seed. And while it isn't close to the masterpiece gardens some of you have, That zucchini is a perfect start. Next year I'll add to my knowledge. And more the year after that. I put too much pressure on myself thinking I had to know EVERYTHING about gardening right now.

I'm no longer intimidated but am now inspired. It's all thanks to Mallory and her down-to-earth advice. I'll continue to repeat it to myself to keep myself grounded in reality. It's my new gardening mantra...

But Libby, it's your zucchini.

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Frank wrote on Mon Jul 18, 2011 10:17 am:

I think it goes for all things in life. If we compare to others we will never be satisfied. We just have to allow ourselves to fall in love with our own unique contribution.


Sjoerd wrote on Mon Jul 18, 2011 10:51 pm:

This was such a good blog entry. Your new friend hit the nail right on the head, didn't she? Sometimes a person needs input from an outside source.I was unhappy to hear that you see yourself as less a gardner. I don't believe that you are. Every gardener that I know is a "gardner in development". No one ever learns it all (no matter how old they live to be) and everyone has begun with no experience.
All gardners are at various places along the learning path...and that is what gardening is, one long learning experience. Having said this I personally feel equal to gardners that know more than me as well as those who know less, because I am learning just like they are.
When one embraces this hobby or is embraced BY it, they are embarking on a path of knowledge and accomplishment and there is only one way to go-forward, learning a little here and a little there, constantly gaining experience as one procedes.
The "your zucchini" comment reflects the essence of gardening: Accomplishment.

carolyn keiper wrote on Tue Jul 19, 2011 3:32 am:

Libby, you are doing fine! you also have a treasure for a friend there. That is priceless. If I could give Sjoerd a seed for his comment I would, for it is all so true. We all start out at the same place... a desire to garden and then we build on that moment by moment. not day by day or season by season. You go girl! I'm not sure any of us are English teachers( maybe someone is, I don't know)... could we do your job, just because we speak it? We would have to learn it the same way. we need the desire to do so and then the moment by moment. So if we have a grammar question, we will ask you for the answer. OK?

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