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Back from a last minute camping trip

Category: Liberty's "Victory" Garden | Posted: Sat Jun 18, 2011 10:36 pm

My husband came home Thursday night and asked if I wouldn't consider going along and being another volunteer for a church youth group camping trip. That dear husband of mine knows he only has to ask.

So we went out camping down in Colorado, in the Red Feathers area, for a night with a small, but great group of kids. The rain held off, except for a few sprinkles, and the mosquitoes weren't bad at all.

I paid the little girl who lives next door to come over and water my garden (with her mother's help). When I got home, the first thing I did was check my garden. Everything looks great. The corn is looking real good. I have some late planted zuchinni, yellow squash, and pumpkins poking through a couple of days earlier than expected.

The second thing I did, after checking my garden, was to take long shower to get all the campfire smells out of my hair.

It was a great short trip in some beautiful country, and I'm happy to have gone.

Pine cones in the making ( photo / image / picture from Miss Liberty's Garden )

The sunset last night ( photo / image / picture from Miss Liberty's Garden )

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