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Parched Propagation Station

Category: Container Gardening | Posted: Fri Feb 13, 2015 2:49 am

Water...waaaaaaaateeeeeer..... *drying drool*

Someone in this household who isn't me has been running the central heating to near body temperature. This has been a nightmare for my plants.

Rather than spend the entire post whining about the temperature, I thought I'd give a quick update on everything.

I have divided the aloe vera into several plants. As an experiment, I cut the top from an aloe vera plant and stuck it in some rooting hormone before sticking it in some moist potting soil. The results were spectacular. It is presently downstairs, growing like a weed. Two are going to my cousin whenever she decides to come pick them up. I don't know what I'm doing with the rest.

Next to it on the windowsill is something I never thought I'd see. Sansevieria water. As another experiment, I took a few leaf cuttings and dipped them in rooting hormone before putting them in my trusty medicine bottle and sitting it on the windowsill downstairs. Within days, there were roots shooting from the cut ends of the leaves. As soon as I take a weed whacker to my overgrown coleus plants, I plan on putting the Snake plants in pots and sitting them in my room where there's more light for them to grow. Once they've sprouted new leaves, I'm going to pass them out to the neighbors who want one of them.

Next to the Snake plants are my African Violet cuttings I just did on the 12th. I'm really hoping that these will grow where the gnat infested one didn't. Neither have a name but they're both a very lovely purple color. I posted pictures in my personal blog.

The lemongrass, Geraniums and Coleus are all growing like weeds, though the temperature difference is having a negative effect on the leaves. The Pineapples have had a minor setback but I've rectified it. They were drying out pretty badly due to the low humidity in the house. To combat that, I put the top back on the container they're growing in. They perked right up once I did that.

In addition, I also planted some Minneola Tangelo seeds in the container with the pineapples. I'm really hoping that they grow.

That's enough of me rambling. I need to get some sleep. Later. :)

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Frank wrote on Fri Feb 13, 2015 1:13 pm:

That's a shame about the heating situation. I hope spring arrives to you soon and that temperatures pick up!


xantedeschia wrote on Tue Feb 24, 2015 5:29 pm:

Thanks for commenting!

Sadly, the temperatures here in Maryland won't pick up until May. We normally get cold winds in March and heavy (sometimes Tornadic) rainstorms in April. Its going to be a few more weeks yet of parched lips, desertification and dehydration of all life as I know it. ;)

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