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100% Germination Rates!

Category: Container Gardening | Posted: Wed May 20, 2015 8:29 pm

The Aerogarden of Hope (as I've taken to calling it) has finally experienced a 100% germination rate. The Curly parsley is just visible in the middle front pod. Everything is now growing like crazy. Yay!

On the soil baby side of things, I've snapped all the old leaves off of my scented pelargoniums in an effort to make them shoot off more side branches before Mid-June. A few of them already have good side branches with signs of flowers but I'm hoping for really bushy plants.

Still no signs of life in the seed experiments. I've got until next month for the end of it to come but some sign of life would be nice. Especially in the Cinnamon Basil. I'm honestly not expecting the celery to grow. The Cinnamon basil, on the other hand, has surprised me quite a bit in the past. I'm hoping for one more surprise for old time's sake.

So, I also cut back my Lemongrass this morning and made tea with the clippings and one of the stalks. It was so delicious! I highly recommend growing lemongrass even if you only use it to make tea. It really does taste like lemonade or lemons or something lemon-y. Even the Maternal Parental loved it when she tried it and she likes nothing natural. She specifically begged me to give her another cup as soon as the lemongrass has grown out again. I'll do my best to keep that promise.

The African Violets are okay...I think. The plants look fine. I just watered them for the first time in a week. However, I'm not sure how the cuttings are doing. I don't have X-Ray vision to see into the potting mix they're sitting in to know whether or not their roots have taken. They still look alive though. So, I'm hopeful.

The Pineapples look fantastic. I give them a spritz of water from my spray bottle every morning to ensure they don't dry out. Other than that, I water the soil about once a week. They were dry today, so I watered them a bit along with all the other plants.

The Aloes, Spider Plant, Nasturtiums, and Snake plant are all doing well too. The orange trees look so good, I'm considering experimenting with making tea out of the leaves. The Tangelo is growing strong too.

I think that's about it. :)

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