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Little Aerogarden of Horrors and Other Things

Category: Hydroculture | Posted: Fri Apr 01, 2016 3:04 pm

At thirty three days growing, the Aerogarden of Serendipity is a partial success. A little over half of the herbs have sprouted and I am presently waiting for the other half to start taking their rightful places next to their fellow gourmet herbs.

I am beginning to think that the Genovese Basil are becoming sentient though. I cut them back to stems less than ten days ago and look at them now. All lush and green. I think inter-species communication is the next stage of development for them both. o_O

Aerogarden of Serendipity at 33 Days Growth ( photo / image / picture from xantedeschia's Garden )

Spring hasn't so much sprung here as oscillated. We have day time highs in the 60s and 70s with night time lows in the 20s and 30s. Plants are so resilient and cool to be able to take such temperature swings.

Oh, speaking of new plants, I have Navel Orange trees growing in with my sickly Pineapple plant. Which has caused it to grow stronger...weird.

I also have one surviving cutting from the Twin Tomatoes in a cup of water which is producing a tomato right now.

Also, my Spider plant bloomed a little bit and is sending out little babies. So cool.

Finally, my Lemongrass and Snake plant are almost as tall as I am.

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Frank wrote on Sun Apr 03, 2016 9:19 am:

Gee, the basil is luuush.


xantedeschia wrote on Sun Apr 03, 2016 9:24 am:

I got a whole big bowl of the stuff. I had to force it into the bowl too. Everyone is suggesting Pesto for a recipe. o_O


Frank wrote on Sun Apr 03, 2016 9:40 pm:

That could supply pesto for the whole neighbourhood.


xantedeschia wrote on Tue Apr 12, 2016 5:49 pm:

Agreed. I just gave the Genovese basil plant another pruning. I really need to invest in a hand held food processer/mixer. O_o

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