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Chicken Thief Revelation

Category: Chickens | Posted: Thu Mar 24, 2016 4:35 pm

So, even though I got a look at a coyote in the back of the field I don't think that is what has been getting my chickens. I'm farly certain now that it is a fox.

The last couple of weeks I've seen him at least four times. One time I shot at him because I thought it was the coyote. The other times I've watched him in my field, cleverly waiting for the chickens to come down out of the tree.

Watching that fox has caused me to have an epiphany. I've suddenly realized that it's not the wild animal's fault for killing the chickens... it's mine! Obviously, I haven't done a good job keeping them safe. The fox simply wants to eat and has realized he can get a morning snack when the chickens come down.

I need to find a way to remove the temptation from the predators. Why should I kill a fox, coyote or any other animal simply for trying to survive? I'm still worried about coyotes snatching up our little dogs, but my views on this have certainly changed.

I'm working on ways to protect the chickens better. Hopefully that will eliminate, or at least curtail, the predator threat.

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