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After The Hurricane

Category: Life As I Know It | Posted: Tue Oct 03, 2017 9:39 am

I feel like I have been in a time warp since Hurricane Irma hit us on September 11th. We are still dealing with the insurance, but I don't see how the house could be anything but totaled. When the tree fell onto the living room it shifted all of the rafters in the whole house, blew out the front picture window, knocked out the rear sliding glass door, bowed out the back porch windows and even separated all of the kitchen cabinets from the walls. The more I look at the house the more structure cracks I see. The building inspector told us to get what we needed and get out.

We had an insurance adjuster come out eleven days ago. He was super nice. He took pictures and told us that he was going to write everything up and send in the report. When we didn't hear back from him I started calling. I finally got through to him this past Saturday and he told me that the company had moved him out of the area and that we would be getting a different adjuster. I was shocked, disappointed and just a bit angry. I have since learned that he never even submitted his report. What in the world? So, today another adjuster is coming out. I just went back to work yesterday and now I have to take time off to deal with it.

To say that this whole ordeal has been a nightmare would be an understatement. The stress has been unbearable, family tensions are running high and everyone's emotions are on edge. I try to look at the good side and be thankful that no one got hurt. I try to think about how this could actually help my family financially but, to be honest, none of those things seem to help. I just want it to be over so that we can move on with our lives. One thing is certain, our lives will be different from here on out. My wife and I have both determined that we do not want to live in the same location that we were living before. There are painful, personal reasons that I don't wish to get into driving that. Hopefully, this visit from the insurance adjuster will start us on the road to recovery

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