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Gardener's Anonymous

Category: Gardening | Posted: Mon May 12, 2014 10:38 am

If there were such an organization as Gardener's Anonymous I would be part of it.

"Hello, my name is Tom and I am a gardenholic."

There are some classic signs of being a gardenholic. I would invite you to read them and see if you fit into this category:

- You have problems at work or school because of your gardening, such as being late or not going at all.

- After gardening you can't remember what happened while you were gardening (blackouts).

- You keep gardening even though you have health problems that are made worse by your actions.

- Your friends or family members are worried about your gardening.

- You cannot quit gardening or control how much you garden.

- You have withdrawal symptoms when you stop gardening. These include feeling sick to your stomach, sweating, shakiness, and anxiety.

- You have given up other activities so you can garden.

- You garden in the morning, are often gardening for long periods of time, or garden alone.

- You worry that you won't get enough gardening for an evening or weekend.

- You have physical signs of gardening dependence, such as weight loss or redness of the nose and cheeks (better known as sunburn), or a recurring problem of dirt under the fingernails.

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carolyn wrote on Mon May 12, 2014 11:14 am:

I think we are addicts, too. We are on our way out to pick strawberries at 7 am. We should be back in from gardening by dark tonight.

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