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Forgotten Treasures - Life Goes On

Category: Short Stories | Posted: Thu Jun 05, 2014 10:02 am

Jenny drove home in silence, thinking about the events that had just taken place. Her mind kept going back to the image of the old woman, head hung low, slowly moving toward the house. There was a feeling of deep sadness there, a feeling that Jenny did not quite understand. She thought about the woman all the way home; the cloudy blue eyes, the deep wrinkles surrounding them, the sudden change in mood. She arrived at the house feeling melancholy and out of sorts, but there wouldn't be much time to dwell on it.

The first thing she saw as she drove up in the yard was Troy, her 14 year old son, standing in his soccer uniform, arms folded, waiting for her impatiently. Upon seeing her he immediately ran to the car. Before she could hardly get the door open he was right there beside her, "Mom, we have to be at the field in fifteen minutes. I'm going to be late for my game!"

"I thought the game was at 3:00."

"It was, but the coach called and said there was a mistake on the schedule. It's at 1:00 instead."

She looked at her watch, it was 12:45. She really didn't want to start rushing around today. "Where's your brother?" she asked Troy.

"On the computer, where else?"

"Well, get in the car and I'll go get him."

Troy jumped in and she got out. She quickly made her way up the steps and into the house. Ben was in the office on the computer. He looked up as she came in, "Hi Mom."

"Hey honey, get your shoes on, we need to leave for Troy's soccer game."

"Aw Mom, do I have to go?"

"Of course you do, you know you can't stay here by yourself."

Ben got defensive, "Why not? I'm ten years old!"

Even though she was trying to hurry, Jenny looked at her son and smiled, "I know you are, but that's not old enough to stay here by yourself. Besides, I hear they have some really good nachos and cheese at the concession stand."

The thought of something to eat helped Ben overcome his prideful moment. He thought about it for a second and then reluctantly answered, "Alright, I'll get my shoes."

They arrived at the park with only a couple of minutes to spare. Troy jumped out before the car even stopped rolling and ran to where the rest of the team had gathered on the field. Jenny watched him as he ran and then heard Ben say, "The concession stand is over there."

The rest of her day proceeded in much the same fashion. Everything was rush, rush, hurry, hurry. After the game there was laundry to do, a house to clean and Ben's overdue science project that demanded attention. It wouldn't have been so bad if her husband was around, but he was gone for a month of training with his new job as a heavy machinery diesel mechanic. She was, at this point, living the life of a single mom and as all of the responsibilities that come along with it quickly closed in around her, the thoughts of the old woman at the yard sale were pushed to the back of her busy mind.

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Donna S wrote on Thu Jun 05, 2014 10:26 am:

You have me hooked.


eileen wrote on Thu Jun 05, 2014 2:24 pm:

More. I have to have more.

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