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Has it really been 2 Years?!

Category: Life in General | Posted: Sun Sep 23, 2018 1:48 am

I didn't realize that it had been so long since I was here last. We have recently and finally moved from the disaster that was our last place of residence into a much nicer home. I hate to sound whimsical, but I swear I feel like this home was what we have been waiting for a really long time and just a wonderful, unrealistic, dream. We are only renting it, but I feel like I could be here forever. The neighborhood is much nicer and quieter. We have a yard! In the city! A FRONT and BACK yard! My son, who has never really been able to play outside at our last house asks to go outside every day. He can go outside without a fear that he will be too near the road. It may not be perfect, but I love it so much. *sigh* Our neighbors seem really nice, and the houses are not on top of each other. It is nice and shady....but it could use some grass or ground cover which I will need some help figuring out.

Our life situation has changed a bit recently as well. We had custody of my betrothed's nieces, but their mom has finally stepped up and taken them back. My daughter graduated high school! I cannot believe I have a daughter old enough to graduate, but she did and then promptly got involved with an idiot boy. I don't want to go into great detail about that just yet, but as of right now, she is not speaking to me, my mother or any of my family and is living with her dad's family. She is the child of my first marriage. Her dad and I split when she was young. It really is sort of too fresh and I will end up spilling by guts here and probably more tears... so that can wait for another time. I am glad to be back here among happy gardeners who can help me get back into the soothing gardening spirit. Although I am not great at it yet, and there have been many plants that perished on my journey, I love to grow things. It is so beautiful to plant something and see it grow!

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