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Exciting new growth!

Category: Random Gardening Thoughts | Posted: Wed May 04, 2016 1:56 am

I have missed you guys! I am sorry that it has been so long since I visited. I think you all will be so proud to hear that I have new plants and they are not only surviving, but thriving! When I get a few moments, I will post some pictures and have you all help me identify what they are called.

It's really hot here already. I have to repot my tomato plants because I bought 3 of them when they were small and they have already outgrown their pots! I should have known better. Plus, they are all different kinds, so I was a little skeptical of putting them together. Oh, well....trial and error! Maybe next year, I will have more space and can start them from seeds. I thought about joining a community garden and we do have one here. There is a plot of land that I would like to buy if ever possible that would be perfect for one as well! It is surrounded by colorful fences and is downtown in an area that is sort of impoverished. I think it would help some of those that live nearby to grow some of their own food. I could play in the dirt and help the community. Perfect!

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Rainy time in Georgia

Category: Random Gardening Thoughts | Posted: Sun Apr 19, 2015 10:00 pm

It is raining here in South Georgia today pretty heavily. It usually does this time of year though. It begins to get warm...or hot some days! Then a cool front moves through and causes these nice spring thunderstorms. It will rain and rain for a few days and then the sun comes out to dry up all the rain and make it muggy. The plants sure do appreciate all the rain. I don't mind it except that I hate driving in it and you can't cut the grass while it is raining so the yard looks like a jungle. I have a new tomato plant and some beautiful new Boston ferns that were $5 at The Home Depot! I am sincerely hoping that I can do a better job with these than the last...The two that I killed are sitting on my porch as a reminder of what not to do. Actually one of them is growing a new frond, so I do have some hope for it!! The new ones I purchased are so lush and beautiful! They make me so happy! I put my Peace Lily out in the rain for some fresh rain water and I must not have had it planted deeply enough when I repotted it. The wind blew it and it snapped at the base. If anything lives, I hope it does...I got it from my stepfather's funeral and began my gardening journey. I am proud to say that it has made it this far, but if I hadn't messed with it, it might have been doing better. I was guilty of being overly attentive to my plants, but I like to think I have gotten better. Hopefully, I will not make the same mistakes again in the future.

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Spring Approaches

Category: Random Gardening Thoughts | Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2015 1:48 pm

Of course, no weather forcasting can say for sure what the weather is going to look like in the next few weeks, but it looks as if it is finally going to warm up and stay that way soon! I am so excited! I am going to try my hand at some new plants this year. I have never actually grown anything from a seed or a bulb successfully, but I am going to try to do it this year. I need to revive my miniature roses and ferns if at all possible. It stays so warm here most of the year though, so I think I have a good chance. I have a few house plants that are doing alright, but I want to get them outside for some sunlight and fresh air also. I am craving it myself! I just love the warm sunlight on my face and not being cooped up in the house anymore. Hopefully, we'll be moving soon and can do some spring cleaning and much needed removal of clutter. I am ready!

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Mid November already?

Category: Random Gardening Thoughts | Posted: Mon Nov 17, 2014 2:38 am

Sorry about my negativity in my previous blog post. I have decided to look at things in a different way. My job is always super busy and hectic from now through Christmas, but it is how I buy all my gifts for my family. If things don't start to look up after the New Year, I can always move on to better things.

I moved all my plants inside because it got cold Friday and Saturday nights with the temperatures rising again for the next couple of days. Then, it will get cold again and warm again...*sigh* I plan to just leave them all inside until the Spring so that they do not wilt or die on me. I am still a novice at this, but I feel like I am doing a little better with help from all of you. What I thought was a corn plant was not and it eventually just died on me. It did so well for awhile and I was so proud of it. I was so sad when I couldn't save it. I repotted it in a bad pot to begin with that didn't have drainage, overwatered it, and the stem...rotted...I guess the word would be. Then, my plant that was withering outside in the cold lost a lot of its leaves and I had to cut some of the stalks, but since I moved it inside, it is growing some new leaves. It doesn't look as pretty right now, but I just started trying to grow anything other than bamboo this year. I am looking forward to a much better Spring! I think one of my major problems is that I "fuss" too much thinking that I should be doing something else with my plants instead of just letting them do what they know to do best. On another bright note, my honey just got me a laptop as an early Christmas present so that I can be here more to get advice and read what other awesome things you all are doing in your gardens!

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Holidays are upon us....

Category: Random Gardening Thoughts | Posted: Wed Nov 05, 2014 1:17 pm

I work for a shipping company and this time of year is a nightmare! It gets so busy and crazy that we put in days that seem never ending. The only consolation I get from it is that I get overtime and can afford to buy Christmas gifts for my family. I like working hard. It always makes me feel accomplished, but more than once I have thought that maybe this isn't the place for me. It is not busy all year around and I have a desk job, so it can be boring and slow in the off season. I have been put into a new position and feel that I am a little more respected than I was previously. These people seem to care about you when they need you, but if you can't do anything for them, they are quick to discard you like trash. They pay enough that someone like myself without a degree cannot go into another position without experience and make the same thing, so for the sake of my family, I stay. It is not all bad or I wouldn't have been there as long as I have. I came here just to explain why I haven't been on Garden Stew recently and likely won't be for some time into the future until after the holidays, then ended up pouring out my thoughts. Then, I feel bad for complaining when some people don't have a job at all...

On another subject, it got cold here the last few days, but temperature is rising again. It never really is very cold here, but we had some pretty cold nights. I was thinking my plants outside would be fine until we actually get some frosty weather, but I have one that is wilting. It makes me so sad. I just don't know what I am doing, but I am trying. I moved her inside and hope to revive her. She seems already to be doing better, so we shall see.

Home life is not great right now either, but that sad story is to be saved for another day. Off to work! I really hope to see you all soon!

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Brown Thumb...Maybe Not!

Category: Random Gardening Thoughts | Posted: Wed Sep 03, 2014 2:42 pm

I have tried in the past to grow things without being successful, but I never took the time required. Now, that I have plants that are doing well, I see what it was I was missing. I just thought in the past "what does a plant need, but sunlight and water?" I didn't realize that they need a little nurturing. They need to be re-potted when they are root bound...heck, I didn't even know what root bound was at that time. I didn't bother to move them around to find the appropriate sunlight they needed or sometimes even take the time to water them. I still haven't gotten to the point of using fertilizer, but I will only get better from here. I still have no clue as to what soil I should use with what plant, but that is also a work in progress. I always assumed that if something was turning brown that it was all downhill and I could forget it, so I did. I even killed some bamboo..who does that?! I didn't know that you could un-pot a plant, trim the roots, and re-pot it in fresh soil. I have done that with a few of my plants and realize that they lose some leaves, but grow back new ones with time. I think I just didn't want to make them "ugly", but sometimes that is what it takes to create new beautiful growth when the next season rolls around. I think I was expecting too much too soon and wasn't being patient also. Please feel free to comment if you notice anything that I am not doing correctly. I will not take offense because I really do still have a long way to go and will take any tips you may be able to provide!

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