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Finally, Im getting my veggie garden!

Category: My garden | Posted: Tue May 22, 2007 3:08 pm


With things going so wrong for me this past 1/2 of a year, something is starting to go right. With my husband losing his job of 7 years due to the plant closing down, and all the bad things that came with that.. I finally got something good. The starting of our vegetable garden!! We had one the first year we moved here. it did AWESOME! Ill post pics of that soon if i can find the pics. The reason? Well, when we planted it, there was already a fenced in area where chickens stayed previously before we moved in. Well, we tried the garden the second year having a less success. So, after the 3rd year, we kind of gave up. Well, I have been craving my garden since then. So, this year we moved it into our back yard so it will be easily accessed and easily watered. Thats one reason the garden failed the previous years before. Dragging water hoses long distances didnt work good for us. Also, we were under major drought and were worried about water running dry in our well. We have not gotten above on the drought so now we're pretty confident on not using all our water lol. Except with all the pools being filled up who knows Lol.

Anyways, heres the making of our new garden. We got 9 foot rail road timbers for $5.00 each. So our garden will be about 18 x 27. I think its an improvement on our old one. I cant remember the exact size of that one. I turned into a human kite though yesterday as i was laying the black paper down. Wind was 20-30 mph and decided to take the paper and fly it around lol.
The second pic is of my front flower bed. I didnt get to buy any flowers for it and my hubby went and bought some Tomatos and Pepper plants from his school but then things came up and we didnt get the dirt in time. So, I had to put them in the front just so they wouldnt die. (1/2 are almost dead anywys). So far they are doing great. I might end up retransplanting them to the back garden since we will be getting dirt on Friday.

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toni wrote on Tue May 22, 2007 3:24 pm:

The new bed looks good, but I hate to throw cold water on your garden. Are they old railroad ties that have been treated with creosote? If so, that can cause health problems for you when you are handling them and the creosote will leach into the soil and contaminate your food crops.
You might want to check on that before filling the bed with soil and planting.,1785,HGTV_3617_1397094,00.html


StarLiteFarms wrote on Tue May 22, 2007 3:26 pm:

oh no!! Um I dont know if they are treated. I do know they look old and are kinda of crumbly in some spots. If they are treated, is there any way to fix this prob?? Covering w/plastic? or something?


StarLiteFarms wrote on Tue May 22, 2007 3:31 pm:

Nevermind, I just now saw the link you posted. it does say to put plastic. I will talk to my husband and call the place where we got them. THANK YOu!!! Id rather have to start over w/the garden than w/our lives! (:


eileen wrote on Tue May 22, 2007 3:50 pm:

You've certainly made progress with your new vegetable garden Star.
I had to smile when I read how you almost became a human kite. Wish someone had been around with a cemera at the time you almost took flight!!! LOL

I can't wait to see your garden all planted up with lots and lots of lovely vegies.


StarLiteFarms wrote on Wed May 23, 2007 2:19 am:

LOL Eileen! It was funny and fun all at the same time. Although I was frustrated cause I had to reroll almost what was left of the paper. I almost have the idea of using what is left to go 'wind surfing" in the back yard on those 'cant do nothin outside with this wind' days. (; My daughter was having fun watching me hopp around. lol


StarLiteFarms wrote on Wed May 23, 2007 2:22 am:

Oh yes, and as for the Rail road ties.. they have been treated. The man said they have been sitting out in his yard for Year for "Many moons ' is what he said lol. but, I will go ahead and buy some thick plastic and put as the barrier. I dont need any 'mutated' veggies lol. I just hope its not to late to plant! (;

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