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Losing Control... Getting Started with Information

Category: Losing Control of Our Food Supply | Posted: Sun Feb 10, 2008 4:57 pm

OK, first the disclaimer: I know we are not supposed to sell anything and so forth. I am not selling anything. I am going to give the titles of some books I have read; you may do as you like. I do not wish to be controversial. I do believe people should know where their food comes from (not in the store under plastic). I am not a reactionary, I view myself as a realist, so I try to get as much information as possible before I solidify my opinion.

Survival first is the inherent push in organisms. For people, money can get you past survival into REAL LIVING: living it up, the high life, whatever you call it. Money has become a god to many. Personally, I do not like to be that far away from dirt. I do like to stay grounded and close to the beginnings of things. I have a mind that likes to know how everything works. Yes, I am female and can fix my own car (my husband can't). I am not an idealistic teen, I am 43, and have had a great deal of struggle in my life, and frankly I am better for it. Struggle, in my opinion is a character builder. In America, SOME of us do not struggle enough and the characters of many are lost, I think. There are MANY good people here who are so busy struggling, working, and focusing on families that they do not need to be as loud, flashy, and in the public eye as those who could use come character improvement. I started college at 30 with a science-math focus, but had to switch to a course without labs because I had a sickly child. I got more classes than was necessary for my degree, but as I said, I want to know how everything works.

OK, that is an over simplified view of some of my thinking. Everyone's opinions and thoughts come from somewhere, so better I state it flat out in front, and then people reading this blog will know where I am coming from in my thinking.

There, now let us begin with reading.

These are some of the books I have read:

The Last Harvest: The Genetic Gamble That Threatens to Destroy American Agriculture by Paul Raeburn

Enduring Seeds: Native American Agriculture and Wild Plant Conservation by Gary Paul Nabhan. Foreword By Wendell Berry

Against the Grain: Biotechnology and the Corporate Takeover of Your Food by Marc Lappe and Britt Bailey

Although I can only say what I see here in the USA, this thing is happening globally.

Here is are websites that are along this line.

Organic Consumer's Association, Millions Against Monsanto

If you go to this website, on the right there is a blurb titled "Monsanto Takes Ownership of Public Water Resources"

Monsanto Tries to Patent the Pig

Global Research-Center for Research on Globalization

On cotton farmers in India committing suicide because of defaulting on loans for GMO cotton seed)
India Farmers Accuse Monsanto of Pushing Cotton "Seeds of Death"
Daily News & Analysis
India Daily
New York Times

Monsanto Seizes Bank Account of French Farmers Association, Confederation Paysanne

Our own farmers are in trouble:
For this one, I am just putting up the Google search since there are just so many.

Basically, what is happening will boil down to us gardeners having to pay royalties for seeds we grow our food with including seed we keep ourselves. We could be charged with theft and fined. It sounds crazy, but that is what is being pushed.

If you do not save your own seed soon, you may have to buy new every time as some chemical companies are buying up seed houses and working on a terminator gene so that the plants will not provide the grower with more seed.

Well, food will become so expensive I can only imagine where that will lead. It costs good money to eat well. The cheap food in America is crap or "Junk Food", and although easily accessible and cheap these are the very things that lead to disease such as heart disease, diabetes, and others as a result of obesity or bad nutrition. We have a big problem with this here in America. Plenty of people are in good shape and eat well, but that will increasingly become only those with good amounts of money.

For me, I do not run up and down the street like good old American poet Walt Whitman shouting at the crowds, but I do believe people should know where their food comes from, should have some independence in the acquisition of food, and should be informed as much as possible.

All I can do is my part: I garden organically (as much food as I can possible provide for my family), I save seed, and I try to share what I have learned. I share it with an attitude of "to each his/her own", meaning I share the info and let go. If someone is moved by it and does something, great, if not, that's OK because now that person knows and can make decisions with that knowledge in hand--so to speak.

I hope to continue writing on this subject, which is rather challenging. Although this was more of an information blog to look at other reading sources, I hope to move into more of my own commentary and the effects that I have seen personally.

Thanks for reading,

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Biita wrote on Sun Feb 10, 2008 6:05 pm:

Very good start. I'll be looking for the next blog. I'm not sure if you read but i did where bush actually wants to import the majority of farm raised food, an by pass the american farmer altogether. I read that report from his last state of the union speech. he says its cheaper to import everything than to rely on the american farmer. pity!!! i can say more but i won't. Good blog!!


Frank wrote on Sun Feb 10, 2008 8:45 pm:

Always a good idea to keep oneself informed and view all sides of an issue so thanks for the reading tips Robin.

As a side note could we remember the 'no politics' rule of the community. Everyone will have a differing stance so it's best not to go down that road. Thanks.

// frank

Robin282 wrote on Mon Feb 11, 2008 4:59 am:


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