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Losing Control... Gaining Control

Category: Losing Control of Our Food Supply | Posted: Mon Feb 18, 2008 2:19 am

After being reminded to avoid political dialogs, I have been concerned about writing another blog on this topic. I was unsure if it was my comment in response to someone about our politics--which I removed--or this whole blog subject. I hope it was the brief comment about the election. That is easy to avoid. I have no problem with the reminder or not discussing candidates or whatever, my remark was general, and I don't care for politics anyway.

As for losing control of our food supply and who is behind the food takeover, I hope I can write about this problem and leave politics out of it. People can make that part of the connection themselves. I feel very moved to write about this topic so that gardeners know how important they are in maintaining some individual rights and control. The movement to "Own rights to plant & animal genes, then patent them" should be a concern of not just gardeners, but anyone who eats.

I am very interested in seed preservation & the keeping of old strains. This goes against the current movement of food takeover by big corporations whose whole interest up until recently has been chemicals and their dispersion in spite of any consequences. We have a duty, I believe, to those who have maintained and given us our great genetic diversity in gardening. Many, many strains have been lost already.

I also have a desire to start a charity seed project where seeds will be collected by generous gardeners and sent to the indigent, desperate, or needy in this area. I would like to recruit writers to create documents with growing information. This goal is still in the planning stage, but I hope it will help keep control of the food supply in the hands of the people who eat it--open to all without patent restrictions, royalties, or penalties. I plan to send them in the USA, and to other countries as well.

I hope that I may continue writing on this blog topic. If it is not in the spirit of this forum, please tell me. I will gladly stop. I like everyone I have met here very much and wish to be a part of garden stew. I can talk about this on another site, but I doubt I'll find one as nice as this.


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trencher wrote on Mon Feb 18, 2008 2:23 am:

Just let me know how i need to support you.

Robin282 wrote on Mon Feb 18, 2008 2:31 am:

Wow trencher!
THANK YOU. Gardeners are such generous people!

I hope to work with the Appalachian seed project to start in the USA, and then contact the Heifer project to make contacts outside the USA.

I erally appreciate your support!

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