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Developing a Seeds for the Needy Program.

Category: Seeds for the Needy Project | Posted: Mon Feb 18, 2008 2:47 am

As I mentioned in another blog, I am developing a plan to procure seeds in quantity for people/communities/villages in need. I plant to start with the Appalachian Seed Project here in the USA. Then, I hope to make contacts outside the USA through the Heifer Project initially.

Gardeners are generous folks, and I am sure there will be plenty who wish to help. We can collect quantities of seed in a central location, write up growing instructions, and fill packs and send them out. That is an extremely over-simplified version of what I'd like to do, but basically, that is it.

I want to keep it as simple as possible. I could even get the Girl Scouts to fill packs for charity so to speak. I know there are ways of doing it, and I do not expect to save the world, just help some folks who need it. I am not in a position to be philanthropic and send money, but I do not believe that prevents me from helping in some way. Surely, I can save seed from all my pumpkins instead of just one or two for example.

My first tasks will be to come up with a name, sign up some gardeners, write growing instructions, make contacts and then move on to the practical aspects of making it happen.

I will keep it to vegetables first. if we are limited, it will be the most nutritious veggies first. Then a wider variety of veggies moving into herb seeds possibly. The idea is to feed people.

I will have to check into the logistics of such a thing as sending bulk seeds to another country, but I am sure we can figure it out. Good veggies do not tend to be invasive! I have also received seeds from other countries. I'll look into that.

At this planning stage I am open to suggestions and so forth. Keeping it simple is paramount; people tend not to volunteer for things that are too complicated.


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