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In Loving Memory of my Nannie- Glendann's mom

Category: My Family | Posted: Sat Sep 06, 2008 4:36 am

08-02-1912 ~ 09-05-1998
Most of you that know me know that I talk about one very special lady that was in my life. My grandmother..we called her Nannie. If you were lucky enough to have met her, you wouldn't have ever forgotten her. She was your typical Nannie, but with a little more spunk than most. I lived with her when I was in high school cause she couldn't be alone, just in case she fell,etc. Most grandmother/granddaughters have endearing nicknames for each other like Sweetie,Honey..not Nannie and I..I called her Butthole and she called me A** was always in good fun and that was just the kind of sense of humor she had. She was always playing little jokes on people and loved ever minute of it.

I was devastated when she passed away, but I knew she was so miserable here on I knew it was time for her to go and be with all her siblings and her parents in Heaven. She talked to me about the fact that she knew she was dying and that it was ok and that we needed to focus more on my daddy, who was also dying of cancer at that time. She said " Your dad needs the attention now..he is sick, I'm just old" I still remember the day she passed away like it was yesterday. My mom,brother and I were torn because the day Nannie died, my dad had just slipped into a coma. So we went to the hospital to see Nannie, but couldn't stay too long cause we didn't want my dad to die without us by his side. So as Nannie struggled to take her last breaths, we went into her ICU room and said our goodbyes. She was able to hear and see us so she knew who was talking to her. She had emphysema had it took all the strength she had to take those last breaths. So my uncle stayed with Nannie so that we could get back to Daddy. She died that afternoon.

I sometimes felt like after Nannie died, then three days later my dad followed, that I didn't get a chance to really grieve Nannie's death because Daddy was so sick and then he died. But now that I look back, that was exactly what she wanted.

I was telling a friend of mine here in Billings about some funny stories about Nannie and she went home and wrote a poem about Nannie and she also wrote one about my daddy. So, if you knew her..this poem will bring back good memories. If you didn't know her..maybe you will read this and have a deeper connection to your own grandmother. You can learn so much about life from the elderly because they lived it. I still have a soft spot for older people and I contribute that to my Nannie. So when you see a old person having trouble opening a door, or walking a little slower than you..think about my Nannie and give them a hand, or even a kind word. That would make their day.


Oh my Nannie it's funny to think
She would fight for her family and wouldn't even blink
She would stand her ground until the end
She was a fiesty little thing that wouldn't bend
She was a country women who would tell ya what she thought
if you didn't do what cha should, she'd tell you ya ought
Hurt feelings, no way, it's just how it was
Don't get her wrong though, she was on your side til the end just because
If you didn't like it when she gave her opinion, it was just to bad
She was the first one to tell you when there were words to be had
She supported her family whether they were right or wrong
She wasn't the typical southern belle
oh no, Nannie was strong
She would be your best friend when you needed her most
She would open her home to a dozen and be the perfect host
ummmmm hmmmmmm I can smell it now
That southern cook'n only Nannie knew how
I can close your eyes and see it, I swear
A table stacked full and Nannie right there
If she wasnt cooking, there was one other place she would be
Buried deep in a watermelon,
her hair the only thing you could see
Watermelon from one side of her face to other
"Couldn't reach my fork" she said, without even a studder
Nicknames you gave
not the nicest names sure
But we loved each other and they were just what they were
"Ya know that I'm dying"
words she said
Who knew they would resound in your head
Going out like a fighter, she was destined to go
I'll kick the trash can when I get there that way you'll know
And kicked it she did
I knew that she would
Her little way to say I'm here and I'm good
See ya'll soon but until that time
I gotta go
I have the biggest slice of watermelon waiting for me, ya know.

By Misty Judson

I love and miss you with all my heart Nannie. I know you are with me always and help me in all that I do
Thank you for your wisdom,sense of humor
and your love of cooking.
Play a game of solitare
while you wait for the rest of us
And remember, save the second biggest
slice of watermelon for me!!

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Droopy wrote on Sat Sep 06, 2008 6:48 am:

Your Nannie was a very lucky person who had you in her life. Your memories of her are so full of love and affection. She must have been a truly special person, and I wish I could have known her.


toni wrote on Sat Sep 06, 2008 12:48 pm:

It's so nice to have a grandmother like that.
I didn't. Randy did tho, so for the first 17 years of our marriage I had one too.

Be sure to write down as many of those memories as you can so your children and theirs will have a chance to know her too.


gardengater wrote on Sat Sep 06, 2008 1:17 pm:

That is a lovely tribute to your Nana. Memories of grandmothers are so special. I know mine are.


kuntrygal wrote on Sat Sep 06, 2008 1:32 pm:

Heather,your tribute is very special. My grandmother died when I was five. I do have a few good memories of her, just wish there was more. Thanks for sharing.


glendann wrote on Sat Sep 06, 2008 5:27 pm:

My best friend ,My precious


Sjoerd wrote on Sun Sep 07, 2008 12:54 am:

Your tribute was a special one for a very special lady.

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