Late August bloomers

Category: On my windowsill | Posted: Thu Aug 27, 2009 6:45 am

After a closer look at some of my plants I've fond some buds developing in at least two of my more difficult plants. Yes, there are always buds in some of my Gymnocalycium, but they produce flowers every year. Two of them; Gymnocalycium anisitsii ssp. anisitsii and Gymnocalycium anisitsii ssp. damsii pushing white or pinkish white flowers all summer, but somehow I get use to them.

On of my really cute cactus is Aztekium ritteri. It's only 1,5 cm (0,59") wide but really old anyway. Yes, it has flowered before, but I am happy every time it happens. And this time it looks like it will produce two flowers at the same time, for the first time ever!

The other one that I think of a difficult window plant is Parodia horstii. Yes, "it's not so difficult", some of you say, but for me it just don't want to flower. It flowered once when I just bought it, but that's all. It's a big plant; around 15 cm (6") wide. Now it seems like it start to develop at least 4 buds!

This weekend I will keep my eyes open and maybe take some pictures. And of course, Keeping my fingers crossed!

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