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Global warming and my worn out snow shovels

Category: Wildlife in the Garden | Posted: Tue Jan 05, 2010 1:40 pm

Hello again for West Virginia,
I have seen the pictures of the Polar bears floating ice slabs, the shrinking glaciers of Iceland, heard all the talk of rising ocean levels, greenhouse gases and ozone decay, but has anyone acually been able to prove that our Earth is getting warmer?
The day before Christmas (2009) West Virginia was hit with a record snow fall,(in our area,) of 24 inches, and then before New Years Day, God blessed us with another 5 inches of snow. We got more snow in 10 days than we get all year. Now we have record cold temps, and record winds. I thought for a while I had returned to the Red Desert of Wyoming!
So as I look out across my back yard, at the blowing snow, I have to wonder if my snow shovels will make it this year or do I have to give Home Depot more of my money?
In any case, when we move on and our place on Earth is cleaner and safer than when we got here, we are doing our part.

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Kay wrote on Sun Jan 10, 2010 2:06 am:

here in Nebraska, we had a record cool summer, and more snow this Winter than we've had in years! We had to buy a new snow shovel!! Not sure about any where else, but no global warming here!!! KKay

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