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Waiting for Spring

Category: Wildlife in the Garden | Posted: Thu Jan 14, 2010 3:03 pm

Hello again from West Virginia,
Watching the weather on our local station,(from Baltimore),I see that we are in for a real warm up this week. After the last month, anything over 30F will seem like a summer day. With global warming on the horizon, I am planning my garden this year to include some oranges and and some palm trees.
My herd of whitetail deer are back every day to check out my garden spot. Today they found my sunchokes under all the leaves that I put over them. I never thought that a deer could dig up the tubors of sunchokes, but they sure did. I quess that the ground was not frozen under the mulch. Well, I didn't like the roots that much anyway.
All of the local critters come around each day to see what we have put out for them. A noisey group of bluejays always make short work of the dog food we set out. The rest of the birds go after the sunflower seeds and the chicken scratch. We have several woodpeckers that stop by also. We keep a block up for them.
Every time I go out at 5am to start my car,and clear off the frost, I miss the warmth of Spring and the heat of Summer.

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