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Square foot garden (almost)

Category: DONNA'S DIRT | Posted: Mon Aug 09, 2010 2:25 am

Well after much deliberation with my husband the chosen place for my new beds had been chosen. He did not want to cut around any more flower beds and I wanted it in the middle of the yard, where there is the most sun. However inlue of a divorce I decided to put the bed in a less controversial place.

Phase1 ( photo / image / picture from featherphobia's Garden )

In phase 1 I rounduped the area twice. Then I dug out a one inch deep trench for the walk way. At this point I enlisted my sons help mixing the concrete, it is a job for someone with more power than me.

Ty and Milo ( photo / image / picture from featherphobia's Garden )

Milo managed to get his signature on one of the stones at the very end. We did this on a day when the temps were in the high 90's. We got a good pore cleaning drinking 3 44oz cups of water in 4 hours. I put some concrete stain on the stones in different colors to make it look more natural then I grouted between them as the instructions on the net said to.

beds with weed barrier ( photo / image / picture from featherphobia's Garden )

With the beds in I'm now in the process of getting the soilless mix in. Peat, Pearlite, and cowmanure-mushroom compost.
I wanted to get this done so I can get a fall garden in. We have a long growing season. I hope it follows suite this year too. If not well I'm going have a place for veges next spring.
You might ask Where is Donna with all this work going on here I am.

( photo / image / picture from featherphobia's Garden )

As you can see it is now late in the day, the blaring sun has started a retreat. The concrete is dry enough that Milo can no longer leave his prints.
It is a good day when you see the results of your hard work. And it pleases your soul.

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Frank wrote on Mon Aug 09, 2010 6:03 am:

Very neat and tidy FP, I think it looks wonderful. Roughly how many Milo signatures do you think were left on the concrete?

Please keep us updated on the progress. Photographically if possible :)


eileen wrote on Mon Aug 09, 2010 10:31 am:

Your garden is coming along nicely despite the hot weather. It all looks great and I hope we can follow your progress as it takes shapes and then gets planted up.


featherphobia wrote on Mon Aug 09, 2010 12:00 pm:

Thanks for the great support Frank and Eileen .I will try to keep a pictorial diary and a writen one, My memory is not what it used to be, well it was never that good anyway.


Netty wrote on Mon Aug 09, 2010 11:33 pm:

Looking good!


Jewell wrote on Thu Aug 12, 2010 11:46 pm:

Can't wait to see it planted. It has a nice structure to the beds and walkway. Great going.

margie12u wrote on Sat Aug 14, 2010 9:30 pm:

I love the way the walks and beds are coming it's going to be so nice when it's completed.I can't wait yo see the finished picture.



debbieteale wrote on Fri Aug 20, 2010 3:37 am:

is a garden ever finished? In my experience, it's just continually evolving. Just like nature.
Lovely pathway beside the beds. Can't wait for another pic with plants in.

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