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What I've been up to

Category: DONNA'S DIRT | Posted: Fri Nov 19, 2010 4:59 pm

The garden is on the down side now I'm just holding out for the frost. There are lots of green tomatoes that will come off when that happens.

garden ( photo / image / picture from featherphobia's Garden )

We have not gotten enough out of it to make pickles or any thing, but enjoyed what has been reaped. Far as green tomatoes, They will be picked brought inside to rippen or fried green tomatoes...yum.

purple cabage ( photo / image / picture from featherphobia's Garden )

The cabbages on the other hand have take off with the turn of cool weather. My green cabbages are getting eaten up by worms, I've now put 7 dust on them. I guess they do not like purple because not one bite mark on them.

Craigs List Find ( photo / image / picture from featherphobia's Garden )

After all the work my son and I did on the path I still needed more concerte for more stones. But motivating him is difficult to say the least.
and it was becomming evident it was going to be and obstacle.
I was posting some items for sale on craigs list and decied to look at the garden stuff others had for sale. Lo and Behold someone had the stones for sale and a lot of them. When I contacted her she lived in the subdivision next to mine. After several trips in my car the stones arrived at their new home.(she had bought the house recently and the whole back yard was covered in them. She wanted grass.)
I had enough to finish the path for the garden and redo the path in the back by the water hyacinth and lilly pond. There had been a hodge podge of brick and stepping stone path here. When the bricks were wet they were very slippery. Hope it does not happen to the new path. I did put the paver sand under it this time. But instead of grout I used small garden pebbles and lined it with some of the bricks. There's a lot of roots in the area because of the oak trees I'm hoping the pebbles will have some give to them. Here is the second view.

path 2nd view ( photo / image / picture from featherphobia's Garden )

In case any one interested here is a photo of the walk maker form we used on the garden.

walk maker form ( photo / image / picture from featherphobia's Garden )

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prairie_dancer wrote on Fri Nov 19, 2010 7:49 pm:

your gardens look so soothing. Much different that what I have here on a prairie. I love the stone and all the wonderful varieties that I see in your photos. Simply beautifu!!!


Jewell wrote on Tue Nov 23, 2010 10:37 pm:

What a nice find for the pathway. You did a great job putting the variety of stone/pavers/brick together. I really like it.

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