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Posted: 13 Jun 2014
Another plant bit the dust grrr.
Posted: 24 Apr 2008
Slowly growing but its progress (;
Posted: 16 Apr 2008
My Lilac seed has sprouted!
Posted: 04 Apr 2008
Gardening once again (: w/Pix
Posted: 19 Mar 2008

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Finally, Im getting my veggie garden!

Category: My garden | Posted: Tue May 22, 2007 3:08 pm


With things going so wrong for me this past 1/2 of a year, something is starting to go right. With my husband losing his job of 7 years due to the plant closing down, and all the bad things that came with that.. I finally got something good. The starting of our vegetable garden!! We had one the first year we moved here. it did AWESOME! Ill post pics of that soon if i can find the pics. The reason? Well, when we planted it, there was already a fenced in area where chickens stayed previously before we moved in. Well, we tried the garden the second year having a less success. So, after the 3rd year, we kind of gave up. Well, I have been craving my garden since then. So, this year we moved it into our back yard so it will be easily accessed and easily watered. Thats one reason the garden failed the previous years before. Dragging water hoses long distances didnt work good for us. Also, we were under major drought and were worried about water running dry in our well. We have not gotten above on the drought so now we're pretty confident on not using all our water lol. Except with all the pools being filled up who knows Lol.

Anyways, heres the making of our new garden. We got 9 foot rail road timbers for $5.00 each. So our garden will be about 18 x 27. I think its an improvement on our old one. I cant remember the exact size of that one. I turned into a human kite though yesterday as i was laying the black paper down. Wind was 20-30 mph and decided to take the paper and fly it around lol.
The second pic is of my front flower bed. I didnt get to buy any flowers for it and my hubby went and bought some Tomatos and Pepper plants from his school but then things came up and we didnt get the dirt in time. So, I had to put them in the front just so they wouldnt die. (1/2 are almost dead anywys). So far they are doing great. I might end up retransplanting them to the back garden since we will be getting dirt on Friday.

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Just another day in the garden

Category: My garden | Posted: Sun May 20, 2007 3:42 am

I found some really good dirt that I had accidentally found when i pulled up a dead stump. I had planted a few little bushes last year but they didnt survive. (what a suprise) lol

So, I took the potting soil from it and sprinkled it in my garden in the low spot and planted the Danish Cross Seeds that Bsewnsew sent me. Now, maybe they wont drown. I havent put all of them down since I dont want to use them all up so i can keep trying if i fail more than a few times LOL.
I also planted a few more Cactus Zinias and asther. now that the dog cant get in the flower bed, I think the seeds have a 50% chance of living LOL

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Dog Gone it!!! GRRRRrrr

Category: My garden | Posted: Wed May 16, 2007 10:05 pm

What was to be another just fine day starts out to me having to unburry another set of rose moss... replant what tiny seedling cosmos that were growing and uncover yet another stepping stone that was covered in what my dog thought was a nice bed! SOOO
I did what i wasnt wanting to do. I put up the hot wire. OUCH!
It wasnt even all hooked up yet and i got shocked... then i was uncovering yet what i thought was a rose moss which turned out to be only a stem of broken rose moss. I thought Dogs were supose to be peoples best friends! lol.
Anyone want a golden retriever?!?!

Anyways, now if only my 2 year old will stay away from it. And, while im pulling weeds etc, I will not get shocked! maybe I'll go find some cattle panals cheap some day and place them in front where the dog cant get to them.

Oh, I think i also have a trumpet vine sprouting!! And, i got a few wisteria, and honey suckle cuttings and also a sage plant all planted. yay!

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what a bummer

Category: My garden | Posted: Tue May 15, 2007 3:05 am


This weekend we stayed at my parents so we could stay close to the city and work on S-In-Laws house ... had to leave my pretty flowers and newly growing seeds that i planted.

We got home late last night so i just fed the dogs not thinking about my flowers. I got up this morning to go water them and boy was i mad again! That darn lil bailey got (or should isay big) decided she was hot and needed a cool spot in the cool dirt AGAIN! I havent had the time to put any fence around it yet. So, all i could do was put my baby dianthis plant back in its new /old spot and uncover my 2 or three rose moss plants and rewater them. I was lucky i even found my broken stepping stone under the dirt. My jasmine that i had just planted recently was fortunate to get only a few little leaves pulled off. Unfortunately, my rose (whose name tag i found and wouldnt of found except for the dog digging showed up so I now know its a "Sacred heart rose' and not fragrent cloud. ) anyways, the rose lost a tall fresh newly growing stem broken off. So, now its down to a small bush at the bottom and 1 1-2foot stem ! ): Well, so some of the seeds that i tried planting are now probasbly lost forever. Ill have to replant them. But im going to wait i guess til i get something put up.

Anyways, who knows what tomorrow will bring when I wake up . Hopefully some smiling flowers and another leaf on my clematis (: Its up to about 2-3 inches tall now and has i think 4 small leaves on it. lol all the 4 leaves put together are still no bigger than my pinky nail but its alot faster growing than last time! I did SOMETHING right Lol.

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I grew something! Lol

Category: My garden | Posted: Sat May 12, 2007 3:47 am

Well, Ive never really written a blog before.. so here is a bit i suppose..

Well, I got most the seeds that i have planted!
I started last monday with the seeds..

I planted some Zineas, spanish rose moss,
pink globe anthums, more zineas and I found some old trumpet vine seeds..
I planted on Tuesday and Wednesday my seeds from Bsewnsew and Bethie
Thanks friends!!
and Guess what!!
I have 2-3 sprouts of cosmos coming up!!! How excited I got when i was pulling out baby trees and i glanced down to see something different! Woohoo!!

I still have a little of each type of seeds that they gave me to sew but not sure when that is going to happen. Maybe next week. I have to find some potting soil etc.

I also started my first real compost pile!!
I had been thinking about it a while back, but just didnt know how to get started.
My sister bought some "Oklahoma Gardening' magazines at a garage sale for 3.00! It had 3 subjects that i had been thinking about in those magazines!! Compost, Roses, and Digging pets! (:

So, now all i lack is 2 -4 more wooden pallets so i can finish the compost compartment! (:

Well, thats all I guess I'll write for now! I'd share pics but theres none to really share right now (;

Thanks for reading. Ill keep you posted! (:

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