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Rescued plants

Category: Rescued plants | Posted: Sat Jul 08, 2006 6:54 pm

I went today and got them. But one had already died so I only have three.The one that died had been cut off at the crown. And two of the three are in really bad shape. I will be very lucky if they arent dead by my birthday.

Why spend the money on a plant only to mow them down, trying to kill them? I just dont get it!!!

Well, anyways, Im going to get a blog tracking my progress or lack there of with these three guys. Theres no tags, so I have no idea what they are or what colors except of the big guy...his mauve.

Heres pics of them...when I first got them home and after I took care of them.

This is the mauve one. I dont know why he didnt mow this one over. It was right next to the other three.

These two are the ones Im worried about the most. I have them sharing a pot for now. Ill transplant one of them later next week.

Now since I dont know what they are, I had to be able to id them later....meaning which is which. So I took an old scarf and cut it in strips and tied the strips around the stem. Each one has its own color. The color of the tag has nothing to do with the color of the flower.

I pruned back the larger one and its tagged white. I removed all the leaves and gave it some root hormones.

With the smaller two, all I could do was clean up the shreded cuts and tag them. The bottom one is green and the other is red. I fed both a root hormone, which I will feed them everyday for up to 2 weeks if needed, then start them on rose food.

And heres the Meyer Lemon tree. Pitful, I know. So, I bought some Miracle Gro spikes for Fruit and Citrus trees. I put one in the pot at its roots. I dont want to trasplant it right now because of the shape its in. I checked the roots and they have plenty of room for now.
(sorry about the pic, the lens fogged up.)

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glendann wrote on Sat Jul 08, 2006 6:59 pm:

Oh so sad to see them in this shape.Maybe you can make a difference for them and help them live .


Gardenstew wrote on Sun Jul 09, 2006 1:27 am:

This is a charitable thing you are doing Denee. You truly are the Rose Queen ;) I hope they survive.

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