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Mid November already?

Category: Random Gardening Thoughts | Posted: Mon Nov 17, 2014 2:38 am

Sorry about my negativity in my previous blog post. I have decided to look at things in a different way. My job is always super busy and hectic from now through Christmas, but it is how I buy all my gifts for my family. If things don't start to look up after the New Year, I can always move on to better things.

I moved all my plants inside because it got cold Friday and Saturday nights with the temperatures rising again for the next couple of days. Then, it will get cold again and warm again...*sigh* I plan to just leave them all inside until the Spring so that they do not wilt or die on me. I am still a novice at this, but I feel like I am doing a little better with help from all of you. What I thought was a corn plant was not and it eventually just died on me. It did so well for awhile and I was so proud of it. I was so sad when I couldn't save it. I repotted it in a bad pot to begin with that didn't have drainage, overwatered it, and the stem...rotted...I guess the word would be. Then, my plant that was withering outside in the cold lost a lot of its leaves and I had to cut some of the stalks, but since I moved it inside, it is growing some new leaves. It doesn't look as pretty right now, but I just started trying to grow anything other than bamboo this year. I am looking forward to a much better Spring! I think one of my major problems is that I "fuss" too much thinking that I should be doing something else with my plants instead of just letting them do what they know to do best. On another bright note, my honey just got me a laptop as an early Christmas present so that I can be here more to get advice and read what other awesome things you all are doing in your gardens!

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Frank wrote on Mon Nov 17, 2014 5:13 pm:

I think we have all been guilty of 'over-loving' our plants at some point Beth. It's just part of a natural trial and error progression. Don't feel too guilty.

Great to hear about your new laptop!

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