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My Son is my Hero

Category: Children | Posted: Sun Nov 11, 2007 3:57 pm

I would like to introduce you to my son. Meet Joshua, my only son who I am so proud of.

He is a special son, my only son, my joy, an my heart. The reason I write this blog today is to honor him, its Veterans Day. He's not a vet, but he is serving his country at this moment. Stationed thousands an thousands of miles from me, but still close enough that I know he is fine, just a phone call away. My son came home from college one day an said "Mom, I know what i want to do now, at this moment with my life for the next few years" Terror went thru me, because he said, "the next few years" Deep down I knew what that meant. I sat there, trying to be calm, when he told me he was joining the army. All I could think of was why? Why? What about school, what about your life here, what about me? Ofcourse I was being a selfish mother, but then he is my son, an I thought at that moment I had every right to be selfish. But he calmly explained that the reason behind his signing up was simple, he wanted to honor his father while he still had the chance to do just that. His father died when Joshua was just 8 yrs old. Leaving us to struggle an survive, but bond in a way I honestly don't think would of happened if he was still alive. I wanted my children to stay children an not grow up at that time, not to rob them of their childhood, an I think that I have accomplished that, because I would tell Joshua, yes your my little man, but you have plenty of time to become one, so don't worry, worry about having fun an being a child. You only get to do that once in this life an it will pass fast enough. So enjoy it, an experiment as all kids do. Find out what you need to know to be a child, an be one. As he grew up he never really did do the experimenting that teens do, I think it was because he knew he had my okay to do that do he never needed to. Please don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about drugs or such, but the experiments of growing. He never got into trouble, an he was so protective of me and his sister. He wanted to do something that would make his dad proud,,, to him it was join the army. We talked, not argued, an I tried to tell him, Joshua, believe me your father is already proud of you. You don't have to do this. He insisted, an said it was also for personal reasons that he loves his country an wanted to serve, an show he cared for the women, children an elderly of America. How could I say no. I hug my child, cried, an at that moment I was the proudest parent on this earth.

My son an I talked and talked an when I decided to come here to Norway, he totally agreed an said he would visit me every chance he got. He said his time is done now, an it was time for his mother to live. He has made his plans to join us here as soon as his tour is over,, he has 2 more years service to go. Then I have my son again where i can keep an eye on him,,lol.

This is his photo from boot camp, or well in his dorm from boot camp,,

This after boot camp when he got his orders to be stationed at Ft Huachua in Arizona for the next four years. During this time there he met people, trained , is squad leader and has graduated with honors an first in his class of graduates. He is in a communication squad will soon be sent to Iraq.

But during the time he has been in the army his humor has been honed to a wicked sharp hilarious tone. He has matured more than I thought he would ever do so fast. But the one thing my son has retained is his love of life. His sense of humor, his love of the guitar an ofcourse his video games. He broke off an engagement an well I was sad about that, but he had his reason, an those I respect.

My son leaves on Dec 22 for Iraq, to a war I don't agree with, to politics I would rather not get involved with. But this is my son, my only son an all a mother can do is send her love an be so proud of him for his courage an descision to lead his own life in a way that only he knows to be right. Its his path, his way an I respect him an love him to the hero he is to me.

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