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White, White and More,,,,,,,,,,

Category: Southern Norwegian Gardening | Posted: Thu Mar 25, 2010 2:51 pm


Straining my eyes,,i,,,think,,,yes by the gods yes it is,,,,,,color!!

Lets start at the beginning of my quest for color.

The snow is melting very nicely now, and the yard is full of mud. Not just any mud, but deep boot sucking muck that oozes up to the knees, and leaks onto the socks.

Okay i exagerated there. I had on clogs and went into the back yard and got wet socks. And lots of mud,,lets not forget the mud. But while i was back there just trying to see what was what, i made my rounds. Well it was kind of a round. There is still huge piles of snow that drifted in to large area piles. So it was more of an zig zag round. Little slipping here,,little sliding there. (should have worn my boots) I made it to the parts of the yard that i could get to with being hip deep in snow. The red current bush is still sleeping. The roses are not quit awake. The rhodedendrum (can not for the life of me spell that one) looks like it did before the snows fell. So I proceeded on and started to look in the other areas surrounding the houses. My little garden spot against the house has a few rocks showing,,won't be to long now. The rock garden i built has a little section where the raspberry bushes are cleared of snow. The path leading from my door is getting wider with the melting.

So I head back to the back yard. I need to pull something. Anything. Please let me get my hands dirty.

Making a circle standing in place, i start to really look. Little bits of viking cabbage are starting to spout up. Huge smile! Yes spring is really on its way.

Down on my hands and knees now,,gloves soaked thru and knees soaked with mud and snow, i start to look at the bare areas i could. OMG! Nettles are starting to show thru the dirt. Nothing there to pick yet,,but ohh, my mind started to relay as fast as it could about the meals yet to come.

Snapping out of my wonderful daydream, i start to crawl around more. Not really spotting anything else, i sit back on my heels and look at the trees. The oaks have buds! The birch are still bare, but when the oaks start to open their buds, the birch is not far behind. The pines seem to look like they have new growth. I will have to put on boots to check those out further. Little later on.

I should say the "one" pine tree.

The rest have been cut down by the commune.

But sitting back on my heels, i looked and looked. Then out of the corner of my eye,,,i seen,,,white.

Pot. Planting pot.

Sitting on the sill of my father-in-laws window, in the basement of his house.

Did i put that there?

I don't remember!

But i crawled over to the window, and put my face right up against the glass and about pee'd myself!

I jumped up, ran for the front door and tugged. Locked. No problem, muddy and wet i ran thru my house to get KB's keys to open my father-in-laws door.

Son of a ---oh my goodness! KB has the keys! Gawd!

The basement door! Yes! I need to go that way. Grabbing the key for the basement i then follow the trail of mud and water thru the house, outside and head for the basement door.

Son of a ----snow.

Shovels,,,i get the shovels and start to dig my way down. Just a path. Don't need much room, just enough to get there, unlock the door and grab my little white pot. If it wasn't mine, it was now.

Opening the door to the cellar, i make a beeline straight for the pot. Gently, very, very gently i take it down and look. The feeling that over came me, i just wanted to cry. My eyes teared up, and i hugged my little white pot.

Chickweed. Precious, chickweed.

The soil was bone dry, but that little weed came thru anyways. I was so over come with emotion, and confusion as to how it got there. But there it was. I took it outside and really looked. The plant was bushy and the stems were as long as my hand, and filled with little delicate leaves. I pinched off one of the shoots. Put it in my mouth, and welcomed spring with my eyes closed and mouth working overtime to take in the flavor of the gold i just found.

When i opened my eyes i heard a car pull up and looked down at my little white pot and almost dropped it. Somewhere between closing my eyes and opening them to the sound of a car, i ate the whole plant!!! All but bottoms with a set of leaves on each stem.


How did i do that!

KB walks over to me and says, "Whats that scraggly plant you have, and how did you get so muddy?"

One eye starting to twitch.

Same eye starting to narrow, and very bad thoughts ran very fast thru my head. I hugged that little pot and turned so he could not hurt its feeling anymore.

So i followed him into the house, and set my little pot on the kitchen window sill, lovingly trying to fluff it up. What was left anyways.

KB walks behind me, wraps his arms around my waist and says " I thought you was a gardner,,even i know to water plants."

Tonight KB sleeps on the sofa, and my little white pot of chickweed..........

sleeps where his head SHOULD be.

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