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Category: Artic Living | Posted: Mon Feb 18, 2008 5:42 pm

In the past day i have run thru every emotion i think known to mankind. This blog today is probably not for everyone, but right now, its for me. Its a very emotional blog, of my day that has left me in shreds with my heart bleeding wide open, and not sure at the moment it can heal right. Its something i have to get out of my system or i am going to bottle it up an that won't be good. I don't expect anyone to respond to this, infact i hope i don't disappoint or unintentionally bring back feelings for anyone. Go back to what ever now.

I got a call today from my dearest an best friend here in Norway, the first friend i made while here. My garden buddy. My female confidant. My best friend. She called to tell, why she hasn't been in touch for a month now and hasn't answered her phone. Her daughter was found dead. Her beautiful daughter, that even now as i write this i can barely see thru the tears. She hung herself. She was my age. She was also a dear friend.

When i found out i ofcourse am in shock. I had to get out. I went for a walk, and cried. I ended up down on the field, how i don't remember, but i screamed and screamed. And cried some more. I went in to the sauna, and just sat there. My pain is for a mother. A mother who lost their child. My pain is for my friend who i couldn't be there when she may have needed me most. My pain is that i have the need to comfort her. But most of all, my pain is that i have no closure to a dear friend. How selfish i am. me me me...

I have tried to post on the board, but i end up either leaving or staring at what i hope i am writing is intellegent at the moment. I can't think, i'm sad, i'm hurt, i'm angry, and lost. I'm sick at heart, and still lost at the moment. But,,,,I know i will be okay with time. Right now,,I hurt.

Eva, jeg elsker deg. Takk for alt.

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Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Category: Artic Living | Posted: Wed Feb 13, 2008 10:32 am

This is a blog that will take a few writings to cover. With that being said, Velkommen til Lofotr Viking Museet. Welcome to the Lofoten Viking Museum. The word Lofoten or Lofotr in old norse, is a word no one knows what it means. I live in Lofoten. Our motto here on this island is Wild an Wonderful Lofoten. And let me tell you it is. Up the road from where I live is a museum that is extremely intresting. I'll give a brief history, but will add a link that goes into it further.

In Borge, there is a farmer who was plowing his field when he come across some timbers that were petrified, not just laying there but stuck in the ground at varying lengths. Seeing this he called the local university an they sent out an archeologist. What they found was the largest an most elaborate Viking long house in all of Norway. The chieftain that lived here was one wealthy man. He left tho, why, some suspect because of christianity, others because he wanted to go to Iceland. No one knows except he packed his bags an left for Iceland, with his whole household and a fleet of ships. Upon further digging they found down by the sea, a blacksmith forge, dock, and a veriaty of other buildings. The house is estimated to have been built in the years around 500 a.d. and was added to for the next 400 years.

Upon reconstruction of this long house they were in awe of the vastness of it.

But what I want to show you is down by the sea. The famous Viking boats of the years from between 500ad to 900ad.

"Oh Lord, deliver us from the fury of the Northmen!" That famous prayer was not to be answered for another 250 years after the famous Lindinfarne raid in England. But you see the problem lies with what were the Vikings. They were not always mersenaries, or out to rape, kill and pillage what ever was in their path. Vikings were farmers, first and foremost. They were traders or merchants. They mastered the sea long before most countries even tried to get off their land. What made the Vikings famous is when the Romans tried to invade this part of the world. Lets just say they never came back. The Norse people have always had a wonderlust in their bloods. Adventure. Exploring. The openess of the land and sea. The variety of boats is amazing and what they made them out of. The procedures they went to, to weather a boat. One type of boat is from a single log, hollowed out then treated and sunk to the bottom of sea floor bed. It stays there for a few months or sometimes a year. The theory is that the ocean waters mould the boat. the rocks that are loaded into it starts to rub and add further moulding so the craft becomes sea worthy and never deteriorates. Amazing.

Here is a natural hide boat, that is upside down to drain. Its a single man boat, but made also the same way as the boat i described earlier. This boat is said to be made as early as the turn of the first century. Ofcourse this is a replica, but its made the same way.

Next is the Lofotr, the boat of the seas here, where people can row with other guest, and get to feel what it was like to be a Viking on the high seas.

And here is the Ofotr or Ofoten.

The dock area built exactly as it was then.

And while your out in the ship, maybe you will catch one of these.

For your sake I hope not,,,lol. But if your intrested in further learning about Borg Viking Museum here is the link to a wonderful place an time in Norwegian history.

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Confessions of OCD

Category: Artic Living | Posted: Tue Feb 05, 2008 1:49 pm

Hello my name is Balder, and I'm an almost 8 yr old Rottweiller. (My birthday is this month) I have an obsession with licking. I can't help myself. Its something I have to do day or night. The urge just runs rampant thru me, and what ever is within licking distance, gets a good bath. The problem is my obsession drives my mom crazy. She is so patient with me, she never screams, or threats me with what ever might be within grabbing distance. But today I think I might have made her rethink her layed back behavior. I honestly think I seen a hair on her head start to turn grey before my very eyes. It was amazing. Spectacular. I also think she may have a bald spot on the side of her head where she keeps twisting it, to control her anger.

What brought all this on. I don't know, but when I get excited, I have to lick. If I go outside, no matter what the weather is, I come in and just have to bathe from head to toe. I mean, I'm NOT a dirty dog! Besides grass, snow, dirt under my nails just drives ME crazy. Hmmmph, and SHE gets mad. Well I guess I could just track it all thru the house then. Heres what makes me mad! When the compusion comes over me, and my drool gets going, an the tongue is about to lick between my toes, she'll say, Nei Balder, you don't want to have sores on your feet. Yes I do! I love to lick my toes. Then when I start to lick my bed, the walls, my toys, and i can't help it, I really can't, but hair gets caught in my throat an I start to choke. Well SHE gets scared. Hmmmph, like I don't. But i can't just help myself. Then she starts to bake, ahhh the smells, drives me wild, an the drool starts to build, an I have to,,,, well you understand. But will someone make her understand!! She puts this crate around my head, then rubs my ears, an calls me her little buttercup. Hola Cripes Woman!!! I'm 8yrs old an 160 lbs,, little buttercup my,,,patootie. So she will take it off because I have mastered the eyes. Its all in the look. hee hee. I got her fooled alright. So I start to lick my feet again. This time she tells me "Thats it!! Your in the dog house now!" So I get up on her bed, and she puts that,,,dang,,,crate on. When will I ever learn.......its a dog life.

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