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The Blueberry Blast

Category: Artic Living | Posted: Wed Aug 13, 2008 4:59 pm

Holy weapons of mass destruction Batman!!

Is what I should of said.

But instead I said,,Sonofa---, What the h---, Sonofa---!!!

I'm gonna go to hell for that. Well the way I see it these days, at least it might be warmer than the Arctic.

I guess maybe it would be a good idea to start at the beginning. --nodding-- yeah.

We have been having some very serious family issues here on the farm for the past,,,ohhh,,,lets say,,,since summer started. But I keep smiling, going about my business and try to keep a very positive outlook in the long run. Its just my way. I go foraging, pick blueberries, plant my plants, learn about what flowers are already here on the farm and what might possiably grow here besides. Theres the tourists who come to stay, the cook outs, making cheese and well just a lot of different things that i take the time to try or do on a regular basis.

Today, mind you, has been one day I would like to start over. From the moment I got up, and seen KB drank all the coffee, and I actually had to wait until more was brewed, to the moment i stood in my kitchen this afternoon wearing half my blueberry saft while toursts stood in my kitchen with huge eyes trying not to laugh at me. Yep blue/black is the new fashion color for a few more days. So why am I wearing this new color for the fall fashion in the Arctic. Let me tell you. Its all the weathers fault. Okay, okay, I'll stop skipping around and get to the facts.

We having been having very dry weather for a very long time now, but today, it is raining. Beautiful slow, big drop rain. The kind of rain my crops are just drinking up nice and slowly. So since I can't go out to play or work in the gardens, I pulled out my blueberries that I had picked for a few weeks, and froze. Its a jam and saft day I told myself. So I got to working in the kitchen. Half way thru making my jam, KB calls and says he is soaked thru and can I please bring him another Viking outfit. Sigh. So I put things on hold, and ran the cloths up to him. To make a long story shorter, my jam did not set. Sigh. So back to the pot, and i used Toni's recipe on how to fix jam that hasn't set. It worked. While the jam was trying to set the first time, I had started a batch of saft from my blueberries. No problem what so ever. It was nice and thick, but not to thick, and sweet as can be. Just perfect. Until I decided to follow a secret trick on making the saft preserved longer for over winter use. I let it cool, then added the 1/2 t. of natron, or baking soda. Well it must not of been cool enough. Because when I bottled it up, the cork blew like whale comming up for air. I had saft on the walls, the cabinets, the windows, the counters, all my kitchen gadgets and tins. But most of it I think ended up on me. As I was getting a warm wash cloth to start wiping my face, hair and cloths, there is a knock at the front door. OMG! No! No, no, no, no, no! Come in! As i frantically wiped my face, only to turn around and there is 3 toursts with eyes the size of sunflowers, jaws hanging open, and trying very hard not to laugh. All I could say is "I'm cooking" So I get them checked in, ID's listed and hand them their keys. I usually walk them to the cabins and really welcome each guest. Not this time, as soon as they were out the door I ran to the bathroom and looked on in horror. I looked like I had the measles only blue/black dots. My hair was matted and also is now spotted blue/black. Well at least it kind of goes with red hair.

I ended up with 2 bottles of saft, there should of been 3, 10 jars of blueberry jam, and I also made 2 bottle of flavored oil. One for fish, with oil, dill, lemon balm, garlic and norsk pepper mix. The other is a dipping oil made with green olives, garlic and basil. Ofcourse they have to sit for at least a week, then they will be good to go. I also had started a cream cheese the night before and it was now ready for the added ingredients. I make this out of yogurt and half t. of salt let sit over night to drain. I added finely diced leeks, red sweet pepper, garlic and basil. Let it sit a day and it is so good, it barely lasts to the next day.

My blueberry jam fixed with the help of Toni and the Garden Stew

And a photo of it all together, the jam, saft and oils. I'm still afraid to put the corks on the saft, thats why they are left open,,

So all in all not a bad day really, just a little colorful.

So what did KB think when he got home from work today. Well I can tell you he was afraid to say anything, it might have been the narrow eyes I had on him. He just smiled, okay howled really. But as he was walking up the stairs I could of sworn I heard him saying,,,,

See Spot! See Spot cook! See KB run!,,,,,,,,

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