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A thee lovely DIY projects for your backyards

Category: diy | Posted: Wed May 13, 2009 3:52 pm

I wanted to share ideas for three great do-it-yourself projects for your backyard.

First, each garden can look much better if you build a pergola. Here is a good video guide on building a pergola. As you can see the project doesn't require very advanced woodworking skills. Mostly you need quality wood material.

Another great do it yourself project for the garden is building a garden shed. If you want to start such a project you may want to check this guide and tutorials for long explanation and visual instructions. In short, building a wooden shed yourself has several steps:

- build the foundations
- build and arrange the walls
- attach door and windows if any
- build the roof

If you split the project on parts you should have no issues.

The third DIY idea is even more exciting - it's about building a swing set. There are many kinds of swing sets, but I recommend you build either a very simple one, like in the article above, or if you feel confident build a complex swing set with frame and everything.

An outdoor swing can make not only your kids, but also give yourself and your partner a lot of outdoor fun.

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