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Posted: 29 Oct 2009
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Vegetarian "meatballs"

Category: food | Posted: Thu Oct 29, 2009 4:06 pm

This recipe can be used for preparing "meatball" for all kind of dishes - stews, soups, BBQ or anything. Unlike the soy based "meat" this one is really tasty ;) Here we go:

For preparing 500g mince:

- 200 g cheese (veg. cheese is fine as well)
- 3-4 eggs (vegans can replace them with smashed banana and soy milk)
- 50g breadcrumbs
- 100g wheat bran or oat bran

Shred the chees and mix it with the eggs, breadcrumbs and wheat.

Add spicies - more than you would put in real mince. I use the following:
- salt
- cumin
- thyme
- black pepper
- red pepper
- savory
- chopped onion

Form the meatballs using some more breadcrumbs to keep them stick and you are ready - you can fry them, cook or bake them. Most people will not recognize the meatballs have no meat.

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