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I'm Disappointed!!!

Category: Sweet Corn | Posted: Wed Dec 12, 2012 2:02 am

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Feeding Time.....

Category: Sweet Corn | Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2012 3:11 am

I did this on November 15th and did not had time to get online because 2 of my children were back home for the holidays. It was nice to have them back and would be nicer to have them all back at the same time. My youngest is working in another country so she was not able to be home, missed her alot.

OK let's talk sweet corn ... they are starting to tassel so I guess it's feeding time.

Tassels ( photo / image / picture from KK Ng's Garden )

Frankly I was surprised to find that they are tasseling because they no taller than 4 feet. Are they under nourished?

??? ( photo / image / picture from KK Ng's Garden )

Checked the stem and found some ears like leaves which I hopr it is growing out. Some of the plants have more than one coming out.

Yummie time!!! ( photo / image / picture from KK Ng's Garden )

All in all I managed to put in about a bucket of compost in and around the plants. The bucket is about 12 liters which I think it is about 3 galllons and I hope keeping my fingers crossed that I will get nice corns soon.

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Peace Before A Disaster!!!

Category: Sweet Corn | Posted: Wed Nov 07, 2012 3:21 am

Yesterday morning was a beautiful sight after not having seen the sun for almost a week. I was happy thinking that there would be no more rain so I could some very much needed work done before my front yard becomes a sight for sore eyes!

By late noon it was evident that there will be rain, the dark clouds swallowed the blazing sun in just a matter of seconds and the whole scenario made it very conducive for me to take a nap .... yawn ...zzzz.

I felt good when I woke from my nap and the rain had passed. No sun, cool weather I guess it was a good time to trim the hedges instead of dealing with the soggy and muddy soil. Something just doesn't look right when I got to my mini-farm.

O!!! ( photo / image / picture from KK Ng's Garden )

Oh!!!...oooo... looks like it did not just rain while I was in dreamland, it must had been a storm! Yes it was a storm, Becky confirmed it complete with thunder, lightning and gales.

Corn with Bamboo! ( photo / image / picture from KK Ng's Garden )

I immediately trade in the hedge clippers for bamboo stakes and raffia. Very carefully the bamboo stakes were pushed into the ground with care not to injure any of the roots of the corn. The plants were then slowly uprighted and secured to the bamboo stakes. Keeping my fingers crossed that the plants will recover from the shock.

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Not to be Suckered!

Category: Sweet Corn | Posted: Sat Nov 03, 2012 2:49 am

Yes I was nearly suckered to believe that the suckers will give me more ears.

Looks like new plants ( photo / image / picture from KK Ng's Garden )

Anyway to be sure I posted "Branching" Corn??? in the forum and is really glad to get great feedbacks from the experienced members here, those little branches are called suckers .... hmmm, is that how they got their name? hehehe!!!!

Snipped, snipped ( photo / image / picture from KK Ng's Garden )

So it was snipped, snipped and I did it about an inch above ground hoping that it will keep dry so no fungus .... keeping my fingers crossed.

Clean bed ( photo / image / picture from KK Ng's Garden )

The plants now look less crowded now and I had to practically run from the scene of the snipping immediately after clearing the cuttings into the compost. The rain came down in full force without warning.

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It Was A Stormy Night!

Category: Sweet Corn | Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2012 3:28 am

Lying Corn ( photo / image / picture from KK Ng's Garden )

It was nasty storm but I slept through like a baby because of the cool temperatures. It had been a long time since I slept so well. The early morning walk in the mini farm was just the opposite, it was a sad sight to see almost 50% of the corn plants succumbed to the strong wind of the storm last night.

Supported ( photo / image / picture from KK Ng's Garden )

Without a thought I started to gather the necessary materials to prop up the affected plants.

Base Strenghtening ( photo / image / picture from KK Ng's Garden )

Hi-yah!!! It was towards the last plant that I realised that I would be feeding the plants in a day or two. Why not do it now, have the base of the plant stabilised with a mixture of earth and compost and a dash of burnt earth.

All up again. ( photo / image / picture from KK Ng's Garden )

Since the prop was already in place I just left them there. Hope that when the roots are better developed, they can help to support each other as claimed on the packaging.

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2 in 1 It Shall Be!!!

Category: Sweet Corn | Posted: Fri Oct 19, 2012 4:03 am

By the time I was ready to go to my mini-farm armed with my camera and snippers to decide the faith of the corns, cold winds started blowing from the direction of the heavy dark clouds formation in the west. Before I could step out into the yard it started to drizzled so I had to leave my camera behind and rushed out before the storm arrived to do what I had to do.

Sweet Corn ( photo / image / picture from KK Ng's Garden #

At that time I decided to do it like what Cayuga Morning suggested, a 50:50 layout, 1/2 of it with 1 plant per hole and the other 1/2 with 2 plants per hole. By the time I got started with the first hole, the drizzle already turned into rain with the wind still blowing hard. "Is someone up there trying to send me a message?" I thought to myself.

Two Rows Diagonally ( photo / image / picture from KK Ng's Garden )

By the time I finished the first row, it started pouring so I quickly did the second row snipping off only the third seedling from each hole# By the time I got into the house, the lightning and thunder started so I guess I am done for the day#

2 in 1 ( photo / image / picture from KK Ng's Garden )

This morning again with camera in one hand and snipper in the other I went down to the corn patch to finished what I was unable to do last evening. Hmmm ... OK let's go with 100% 2 in 1 since it is such a mini plot. So 2 in 1 it is!!!

Last edited: Fri Oct 19, 2012 4:08 am

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2 in 1 or 1 in 1 ?

Category: Sweet Corn | Posted: Thu Oct 18, 2012 2:39 am

I recently planted sweet corn of the Golden Cross Bantam Hybrid species and the instructions mentioned to allow 2 plants to grow in a hole. This is the very first time in my planting experience that I come across such a instruction. Actually I have very little experience in planting and this is my second attempt in planting corn. The norm is usually to allow only 1 seedling to grow in 1 hole to avoid crowding both above and below ground.

I was confused, very confused and so I decided to post this very alien to me instructions here entitled Can I do this? OK I got the feed back and today is the day I shall decide ... 1 or 2?

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