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Still digging!

Category: Growing Yard | Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2008 2:33 am

Well it was a long day at work and I needed to unwind...My son is recovering well from his pneumonia and I found him at the local Super Wal-mart with his Spanish class...With just a t-shirt in 20 degree weather...he is like me and loves the cold...but he is recovering! His Spanish teacher told me he was retarded...I told her No...that would be an explanation...he is stupid...that is fact! So imagine his face when I got home from work and told him he had three holes to dig!(teehee! revenge is always sweet if you plan it out!) So my boxwoods are in the ground and I am not crazy about them. The only reason I dug them up and replanted them is the lady that used to live in the house was so very kind to us and gave us many fixtures out of her house before they tore it down. That pay it forward, full circle thing! I believe that it comes back to us...we all need to keep it going. I try hard to do it everywhere, however, there are those that take advantage... anyway, her husband bought the plants at Lowe's on clearance for 25 cents and planted them and now they are tremendous...She wanted them and never had time to get them so I dug them up for her and they are here for her when she (or her husband) is ready to tackle the project. Love, full circle!! I believe it is the way to live.

I now only have three azeleas left to put in the ground. Tomorrow is the Super Bowl and they expect me to work late....Id rather dig a hole!

Teehee, I almost forgot, Mr Man got his truck stuck last night...rained over two inches and he thought he would drive a truck and 2 ton trailer thru my yard...(and NOT get stuck) I am still laughing...yes he threw his keys and had a tantrum...I am still laughing... Gotta love'em...can't shoot 'em...don't look good in stripes or orange! God Bless!(OH! I just thought of something...maybe I could plant something where he dug that hole with his tires... Hmmmm! Will ponder that!)

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Droopy wrote on Sun Feb 03, 2008 8:49 am:

:) Azaleas are lovely, so I hope you manage to get them. I like the idea of re-using the tire holes.


eileen wrote on Sun Feb 03, 2008 10:56 am:

Hey what a great idea "I just thought of something...maybe I could plant something where he dug that hole with his tires... Hmmmm! Will ponder that!)" LOL

So glad to hear that your son is on the mend now - sounds a bit like our youngest lad who thinks that putting on a coat is only needed when it drops below minus 12!!! He will, however, put on a pair of gloves as his fingers get stiff - go figure.

What a lovely thing to do collecting your neighbours box for her. She'll be sooo happy to know that you saved them for her I'm sure.

I hope your azaleas all do well for you as they have the most beautiful flowers.

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